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Campus Currents


Professors Win Nobel Prize
On December 10, 2003, UCSD economics professors emeriti Clive Granger and Robert Engle accepted the Nobel Prize for economics at a ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden. MORE

Music and Molecules
Mike Burkart, a biochemistry professor, and James La Clair, a visiting scholar, have developed a way to use a conventional CD player as a diagnostic tool.  And the error message is the key. MORE

Off and Running
On October 2, 2003, UCSD Chancellor Robert C. Dynes stepped into his new role as the Univeristy of California's eithteenth president. MORE

Rethinking 'Rithmetic
Would you spend 100 hours of your summer vacation wrestling with math problems?  High school teachers relearn algebra at UCSD as they strive to be more effective educators. MORE

Shake table

Shake, Rattle and Roll
An experimental "shake table", which will replicate the motions of actual earthquakes, is under construction for UCSD researchers who analyze the effects of earthquakes on buildings and bridges. MORE

Skiing Blind
UCSD researchers follow the progress of a formerly blind man who can now see and uncover the complex layers of perception involved in interpreting the world. MORE

Monumental Marxist
Philosopher Herbert Marcuse was one of UCSD's most controversial professors, in an era marked by controversy and student unrest. A grave monument will now be erected in Berlin - twenty four years after his death. MORE


30 years ago
Triton Times: January 22nd, 1974.
Drug Crackdown at Muir… In recent weeks fourteen marijuana plants have been discovered and confiscated. They were found in the rooms of students who “Just wanted to see if it would grow.”

20 years ago
The UCSD Guardian: January 17th 1984.
Weaving Their Way to an A. Wednesday, January 25 marks the first session of a new course offered by the recreation department entitled ‘Underwater Basketweaving.’ The course will be taught at the Canyon View Pool Center by Stephanie Litvak,… The first day of class, students will weave in the pool, but all weaving thereafter will be done in the Jacuzzi.


Check out the solution to the problem mentioned in the print magazine. MORE


A selection of recent research stories. For more visit: ucsdnews.ucsd.edu

Green Machine: UCSD biologists are designing plants to clean up heavy metals at hazardous waste sites. MORE

Up in Smoke: Apparently there is no substantial neurocognitive harm in long-term recreational users of marijuana. MORE

Manatee Flash: Scripps Institution of Oceanography and SeaWorld have joined up in a bioacoustic engineering project to save manatees. One third of manatee deaths in Florida are caused by boat collisions. MORE

Who Let the Dogs Out? After much controversy, dog labs are no longer required at the school of medicine. MORE

Heady Stuff: UCSD researchers have linked autism to excessive brain growth and rapidly expanding head size during infancy. MORE

Here’s the Rub: A medical school study concludes that Ketoprofen creams are proving effective in the treatment of patients with arthritis and sports injuries. MORE