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Monday, January 12 2004
Recognize this building?

Geisel Library


Yes, it is familiar. However, according to the Kohler television commercial, titled “The Architect” produced by GSD&M Advertising in Austin, Texas, it’s the Ishaki headquarters in Kyoto. Really? If you can find the Ishaki headquarters, tell us—we’re still looking. We’re glad that GSD&M admire architect William Pereira’s building and we’re happy to share it with T.V. land, but it raises the specter of how many other virtual Geisel libraries are out there. Have you seen it starring in your local neighborhood cinema or on the small screen? We might even publish the first ten best replies or pin them on a board at the “Ishaki Headquarters.” And yes, we do remember that it starred as a spaceship in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes II, so no prizes for submitting that one.

View our wandering library at www.us.kohler.com/craftsmanship/television.jsp

Click on the television advertising image "Architect" to view the commercial.