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Campus Currents May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2


New Chancellor
Chosen from over 300 candidates, Marye Anne Fox is UCSD’s seventh chancellor and the seventh woman to helm a UC school.

Pyrotechnic Particles
Space-shuttle astronauts were the first to see strange displays of light similar to auroras, more than 500 miles above our planet’s surface. MORE

UCSD's "Stonehenge"

Block Party
Ever spent a hot, fall afternoon spread eagled on one of its blocks? Or strolled around invoking the muses? In its 20-year history, Stonehenge has become a campus icon.

Business Not as Usual
It won’t be business-education-as-usual at the new UCSD Rady School of Management.

In Many Tongues
While many restless students across campus are dreaming of the surf rolling in at Black’s Beach, students in the Heritage Language program are planning fundraisers to keep their classes going. MORE

The Turn-on Gene
Our experiences in the world leave their mark on the architecture of our brain when they cause neurons or nerve cells to forge new connections with each other. MORE

The Preuss is Right
Some of the faculty thought it was crazy, some worried where the money could come from. But now four years later, the Preuss School at UCSD is one of the University’s success stories. MORE


If you miss Triton action, surf to Radio Rimac
and tune in. You’ll also find a listing of future volleyball and basketball games (men and women’s) and an archive of past glories and ... well, other games. Tom Sheridan, who hosted a weekly sports talk show on San Diego’s KCEO for two years, is the play-by-play broadcaster. Sam Higgins, ’02, a former UCSD basketball player, provides the color commentary.


For programs relating to our article Demystifying Admissions go to UCTV.

For programs on our article Oh The Places He Did Go go to UCTV On Demand and search for Seuss.


Thirty Years Ago
Triton Times, May 10, 1974

MCELROY RESCINDS EDITOR FIRING—Chancellor McElroy Tuesday rescinded the dismissal of David Buchbinder as Triton Times Editor-in-Chief. The editor’s dismissal, recommended to McElroy by the UCSD Communications Board last month, resulted from a furor over an April Fool’s issue of the paper. The newspaper was subsequently found to have been “consistently insensitive” to the interests of “people of color” at UCSD.

Twenty Years Ago
UCSD Guardian, May 17, 1984

UCSD Guardian, May 17, 1984

THIRD COLLEGE: TO RENAME OR NOT TO RENAME—For the fourth time in over 12 years, the students on that northern campus are again trying to find an official name.

Some of the other suggestions brought up by students and faculty are Frederick Douglas, Dr. Charles Drew, King-Kennedy, United, Third World, Gandhi, Eleanor Roosevelt and Tercer Mundo.


A selection of recent research stories. For more visit: ucsdnews.ucsd.edu

UP IN ARMS The varying positions
of your arm during blood pressure readings can affect proper diagnosis and treatment.

TIME TRAVEL UCSD scientists and colleagues at the Supercomputer Center ran the world’s largest, most complex simulation of the universe’s evolution ever performed.

Camp Elliott’s newest
addition is a $4.2 million blast simulator funded by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. MORE

YOUR DOGGIE DOUBLE New research conducted at UCSD suggests that Fido may indeed look like his master. It seems owners select canines that resemble themselves.

that caused ImClone stock’s decline and Martha Stewart’s plunge from domestic diva-hood may help feed Africa’s poor.