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Cliff Notes May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

Paper Trail
A selection of spring-quarter Guardian headlines.


The UCSD Guardian Online

EDUCATION ABROAD PROGRAM FACES CUTS. Students must now pay a $100 fee to enroll in study overseas. As a result of the systemwide budget cuts and in anticipation of further cuts, the Education Abroad Program will face cutbacks in new program development and expansion, possibly affecting admissions and costs of program participation.

‘ PRANK’ HITS OFFICE OF COLLEGE REPUBLICANS. The office of the College Republicans at UCSD and the California Review was found vandalized early in the morning of Jan. 16. ... The office walls were found covered with approximately 75 posters, signs and other materials promoting democratic politicians such as former Gov. Gray Davis and Congresswoman Susan Davis.

CALPIRG REPORTS TEXTBOOK RIP-OFF. The average UC student will spend nearly $900 on textbooks in 2003-04, according to a study released by California Student Public Interest Research Group on Jan. 29. The report, “Rip-off 101: How the Current Practices of the Textbook Industry Drive Up the Cost of College Textbooks,” reveals methods that textbook publishers use to raise prices.

POLICE REPORT SHOWS BICYCLE THEFT ON THE RISE. Bicycle theft (on campus) rose 120 percent last year, while vehicle theft remained steady and auto burglary decreased compared to 2002, according to a report released by the Crime Prevention Unit of the UCSD Police.

JAPANESE EATERY OPENS IN PRICE CENTER. UCSD is home to a new Japanese restaurant. Shogun of La Jolla, specializing in sushi and teriyaki items, opened on March 29 on the second floor of Price Center next to the recently completed game room.

Shogun’s menu also includes beer, sake and plum wine, though the restaurant’s license to serve alcohol is still pending. Shogun would become the third on-campus location to serve alcoholic beverages.


The UCSD Guardian website

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