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The Places He Did Go
Buried Cities of Iraq
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A Poet In The Park
Making Waves

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Oscar and Gollum
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Features May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2


Oh The Places He Did Go
by Robert Sullivan
The art of Dr. Seuss and the life of Theodore Geisel. Audrey Geisel cherishes his work and keeps his memory alive. MORE

The Buried Cities of Iraq
by Rex Graham
Professor Guillermo Algaze won a MacArthur genius award for his radical theories on the development of man's earliest cities.

Demystifying Admissions
by Jennifer Reese
UC's admissions process, particularly comprehensive review, has recently come under heavy criticism. How does the admissions process work at UCSD? Is it fair and transparent? MORE

On The Job: A Poet In The Park
Donald W. Murphy '75

by Tom Nugent
Alumnus Donald W. Murphy is No. 2 man at the National Park Service. He finds both reason and rhyme in his stewardship of these national treasures. MORE