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Up Front May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

Letter from the Alumni Executive Director
John P. Valva

As we prepared for the launch of @UCSD, we suspected—ok, hoped—that this new publication would excite our closest friends, generate reactions from our harshest critics, and stimulate memories. Your response, however, has been nothing short of overwhelming.

The next pages highlight just a few of the hundreds of letters to the editor, e-mails, phone calls, and other responses our office has received since the January issue. We should have known, I suppose. When over 1,800 individuals responded last year to our call for Classnotes, it became obvious that UCSD alumni have been thirsty for such a communications vehicle. No one publication is perfect for everyone, but your responses indicate that most of you think it’s been a great start.

Not surprisingly, many readers chimed in on the role of athletics, with your comments proving the debate is fairly evenly split. Revellites and others embraced Provost Bond’s musings. And, Thurgood Marshall College alumni waxed
poetic about the glory days of what will always be known to most of them as Third College. Some readers expressed their overall gratitude and others provided great ideas for future features.

We, of course, were hardly spared criticism. The inclusion of anything about Herbert Marcuse stimulated fiercely partisan retorts. Clearly, even years after his death, feelings about Marcuse symbolize the diversity of political and sociological discussion prevalent on a college campus. Other readers pined for the days of smaller enrollments and more eucalyptus groves. Some thought the magazine was too technical, others too mainstream. We even received feedback on areas not related to the magazine contents—from the failure of UCSD in delivering the job of their dreams, to commentaries about tuition hikes. We say, “bring it on!” In this issue, the hot topic of admissions is featured. If we don’t want letters to the editor, do you think we’d even venture into this topic?

UCSD’s commitment to fostering a lifelong relationship with our students and alumni is far overdue, and @UCSD is just one of many new initiatives we have recently launched to engage both alumni and students as a community. We think it’s overdue. And, you deserve it. UCSD alumni are responding in record numbers to membership drives and special events. You are responding particularly well to volunteer opportunities that support student recruiting, legislative advocacy, and career mentoring. You will read of opportunities for your involvement in this and future issues, and they can be found on-line at ucsdmag.ucsd.edu.
@UCSD and its complementary e-newsletter, CampusLoop, have been launched to provide alumni a voice in UCSD’s past, present and future. So far, it seems to be working.

Keep reading, keep responding.

John P. Valva

John P. Valva
John P. Valva