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Campus Currents May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2


The Next Stage
Actors can fly angelically from the rafters or rise demonically from the floorboards. Seats can be shuffled and shifted... MORE

If you’re a bio alum, make sure you’re getting Biosphere. Published twice a year in spring and fall... MORE

What a Pill!
Tom Savides, M.D., was frustrated when traditional endoscopies and colonoscopies turned up normal in patients with unexplained... MORE

The Pope on Campus?
Not exactly. But Professor V. Ramanathan, a Scripps Institution of Oceanography atmospheric scientist, was at the Vatican... MORE

Move Over Dwarf Gobi
It was definitely a bad news day for the dwarf gobi when SIO’s H.J. Walker and William Watson of the Southwest Fisheries Science Center announced... MORE

Cancer Care
We think 25 years of treating cancer is something to celebrate. The Rebecca and John Moores UCSD Cancer Center is using the occasion to publish three new pamphlets for cancer patients... MORE

The Cross Turns 10
In the days following the September 11 terrorist attacks, as the campus tried to sort through its fears and grief, students, faculty and staff gravitated... MORE

The Crick Connection
UCSD Library has just recently become the sole U.S. repository for Francis Crick’s voluminous cache... MORE

Social Climbers
What is it? The riggings of a wrecked pirate ship or a new Swiss Family Robinson theme dorm? Just a short walk from somber lecture halls... MORE

Tritons have produced some exceptional endurance athletes over the years, but one
group training on campus takes the prize for being the most unusual. MORE





Twenty Years Ago
UCSD Guardian, January 24, 1985

‘ASSASSIN’ INJURED DURING ESCAPE — Tuesday evening Revelle freshman Jeff Garofalo fell from a third story ledge of Galathea Hall, injuring his left ankle, while trying to escape a failed assassination attempt in the dorm encounter game KAOS (Killing as an Organized Sport). Garofalo was taken to Kaiser Hospital, where he is awaiting word on possible surgery for two fractures. “It’s a good game,” said Garofalo. “ I just got carried away.”

Thirty Years Ago
UCSD Guardian, January 8, 1975

UNIVERSITY TOWN CENTER IS BEFORE CITY COUNCIL TODAY — The San Diego City Planning Commission will consider the proposed University Town Center at 2 p.m. this afternoon. Opponents believe that a strong showing today will help delay and defeat the proposal in favor of a more community oriented development.


A selection of recent research stories. For more visit: ucsdnews.ucsd.edu

NOTEWORTHY Can language provide clues to musical ability? Psychology professor Diana Deutsch says that speakers of Mandarin Chinese, which is a tone language, are almost nine times more likely to have perfect pitch than those who do not speak a tone language. That’s sweet music to the ears of Chinese speakers everywhere.

WHAT A NERVE Researchers at the School of Medicine have successfully regenerated nerve cells in rats with spinal cord injuries. In combination with cell grafts, the researchers stimulated nerve fibers surrounding the lesion.

TROPIC TOPIC An international team of researchers led by Joseph Vinetz, M.D., of UCSD has partnered with Peru’s Tropical Medicine Institute to study malaria, the No. 2 most fatal disease in Peru.

QUAKE AND SHAKE UCSD’s shake table debuted on November 16, when it rattled out a 7.3 temblor to test a 70-foot high wind turbine. The shake table, located at Camp Elliot field, is the largest in the country (see article in @UCSD January 2004).

PROP OP With the passage of Proposition 71, the stem-cell research boon begins. Dean of the School of Medicine Edward Holmes and Professor Leon Thal, chair of Neurosciences, will represent UCSD on the 29-member Independent Citizens Oversight Commission, which will oversee California’s new stem- cell institute.

OCEAN VIEW Scripps Institution of Oceanography and BP America, Inc. have partnered in a three-year, $3 million collaboration to develop and evaluate new technologies that can image the seabed.