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Class Notes May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2


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Rex Pickett, ’76
If you’ve been lucky enough to savor the movie Sideways you now know the finer points of a good glass of pinot and when to avoid merlot.The novel by Rex Pickett, ’76, is the story of two former college roommates and their wine-soaked romantic adventures in the Santa Inez Valley.

Diana Wolfe, ’93
In just eleven years since her graduation, Diana Wolfe has educated women on health issues in Mali, delivered a baby in a boat on the Amazon River in Peru and completed medical school in Israel. MORE

Janet McCulley, ’90 and Maritsa Chew, ’86
If you think pet supplies are a bare-bones business you haven’t been introduced to “Yappy Hours,” Chihuahua trunk shows and custom-made designer dog tags. Last year, consumers spent more than $34 billion on pet-related merchandise, double what they spent a decade ago and UCSD alums Janet McCulley and Maritsa Chew are riding high on this wave of puppy love. MORE

Alumni Honors

Nearly 300 alumni, faculty and friends of the University attended the UCSD Alumni Association’s 27th annual Awards for Excellence Gala on October 23, 2004, and celebrated Tritons ranging in age from 20 to 100. The event at the Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa raised funds for the new Alumni Association scholarship program and honored outstanding alumni, distinguished faculty and top National Merit Scholars as well as top contributors to the Campaign for UCSD: Imagine What’s Next.

The evening’s top award recipients:

Outstanding Alumna
Marcia McNutt, Ph.D. ’78

Distinguished Service
Sheldon Engelhorn ’72

Professional Achievement
Ancel Keys, Ph.D. ’30

Distinguished Teaching
Barbara Sawrey, Ph.D. ’83

Outstanding National Merit Scholars
Melanie Smith, ’05 & Benjamin Migliori, ’05




1904 - 2004

The UCSD Alumni Association is saddened to announce the death of Ancel Keys, SIO, Ph.D. ’30. The Minnesota physiologist who put saturated fat on the map as a major cause of heart disease and was the first scientist to champion the health value of a Mediterranean-style diet, died on Saturday, November 20 in Minneapolis. He was 100.

SIO and the Association only recently became acquainted with Keys, the oldest living graduate of UCSD at that time, when he was recognized for Professional Achievement at the 27th Awards for Excellence Gala in October.

He was the founder of what became a world-famous research facility, the Laboratory of Physiological Hygiene at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, and he was its director for 33 years.

Keys is survived by his wife, Margaret; a daughter, Carrie D’Andrea, Ph.D. and a son, Henry Keys, M.D.

For more on the life and scientific contributions of Ancel Keys, go to: IN MEMORIAM: 1904-2004