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The Budget       Rollercoaster
Tree Wars
Wireless Wizardry
The 9/11 Commission

Making Waves

Farmer's Market
In Like Flynn
Movie Madness
So What's the Buzz!
Checkered Past
Off the Deepend
What the...PCYNH??


Credits May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

@UCSD is a publication of the UCSD Alumni Association. For more about the association, visit our homepage or read about us.

Editor Raymond Hardie
Art Direction Patera Design
Webmaster   Nino Michaels, '06
Contributing Editors Ginny McCormick, Mary Johnson,
Paula Thomas, ’87
Class Notes Mary Johnson
Editorial Intern Evelyn Hsieh, ’05
Contributing Writers

Kate Callen, Cindy Clark, Chuck Colgan, Dolores Davies, Pat JaCoby, Jeffree Itrich, Kim McDonald, Jennifer McEntee, Malinda Danziger, ’00, Sherry Seethaler, Stephanie Sides

Editorial Advisory Committee   Derek Danziger, ’95, Dolores Davies, Yvonne Muzzy, Danielle Pedersen, ’95, Ira Rubenstein, ’87, Michael Schudson, Nicholas Spitzer
Advertising Beth Binger, ’86
Publisher John Valva
UCSD Alumni Association Board of Directors Officers

Henry DeVries, ’79 (president),
Mark Diamond, ’87 (vice president),
Tony Fiori, ’98, (treasurer), Susan Hart, Ph.D. ’86, Joseph Leventhal, ’99,
Ira Rubenstein, ’87

Directors Mary Rose Alexander, ’86, Derek
Danziger, ’95, Sheldon Englehorn, ’72, William Fitzmaurice, ’79, Douglas Kawahara, ’76, Eduardo Rallo-Verdugo, ’89, Collette Rudd, ’73, Michael Stankiewicz, M.P.I.A. ’94, Susan Taylor, M.A, ’77, Teresa Young, ’74
Ex-Officio Members Kevin Forrester, ’80 (general counsel), Marcelle Hawkins (SIO representative), James Langley (vice chancellor, external relations), Jenn Pae, ’05 (president associated students), Stephen
Schreiner, ’80 (alumni regent-elect),
John Valva (executive director),
Brian Walsh, ’89 (past president)

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