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Capital Campaign May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2


$717.8 MILLION

The Gift of a UCSD Education

Each time an alumnus makes a gift to scholarships at UCSD, he or she helps create a legacy of achievement and a stronger university for the next generation. For some people, like Sue Hart, Ph.D. ’86, and her husband, Steve, M.A. ’80, their gift to support outstanding students represents a continuum of the involvement they’ve maintained with UCSD since they first met as graduate students at a Mathematics Department social. For others, like Joe Lima, ’87, a gift is a way to reconnect with a campus he hasn’t seen in years. MORE


Q&A with Robert Koenigsberger, '87



It's Easy to Pass It On
Many prospective undergraduate and graduate students looking to UCSD as an important step in building their promising careers face a daunting need for financial support to offset rising fees and cost of living. Unfortunately, as a young campus with a small endowment, UCSD often cannot offer the financial support these talented students need—support that other institutions can provide. This limitation severely restricts our ability to compete for outstanding students and forces some students to take on significant debt, attend schools offering more financial support, or stop their education.

To address this critical need, the University seeks to significantly increase financial aid to deserving students, thus improving our ability to recruit promising students regardless of financial capability. MORE

Consider these facts:
• In 2004-05, only 929 of UCSD’s 20,339 undergraduate students received privately funded scholarships.

• UCSD’s scholarship funding is one-fourth of UCLA’s and one-eighth of UC Berkeley’s.

• In 2004-05, need-based financial aid was
provided to 53 percent of undergraduate
students—but more than half of this was funded by loans, which creates significant
debt for our students.

• Our undergraduate California resident
students face an estimated cost of $20,802 per year for fees, on-campus room and board, books and supplies, transportation and other living expenses.

• The cost of graduate student fees has increased by 59 percent (residents) over the past five years.

• Due to insufficient funding for graduate fellowships, many of UCSD’s departments are unable to recruit top graduate students.

• On average, UC graduate students live on just $22,000 per year and from this they must pay fees and tuition.

The Campaign for UCSD: Imagine What's Next


Recent Gifts
Maria and Richard Sulpizio—$10 million gift to support the Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center MORE

Donald and Darlene Shiley—$4 million gift to support Shiley-Marcos Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center MORE

Sheryl and Harvey White—$500,000 gift to endow the Sheryl and Harvey White Chair in Management Leadership MORE

Rita and Richard Atkinson and Phyllis and Daniel Epstein—$500,000 from both couples to endow the Atkinson/Epstein Chair in Management Leadership MORE

Campus Honors

Community leaders Charmaine and Maurice Kaplan were recently awarded the Chancellor’s Medal for their incredible dedication to UCSD and the San Diego region. The March 31 ceremony also provided a forum for celebration of the Chancellor’s Associates annual Faculty Excellence Awards, with prizes granted to five faculty members in the areas of research, teaching and community service. The Chancellor’s Associates have been awarding the Faculty Excellence Awards annually for more than 30 years. MORE

Learn More

For more information about The Campaign for UCSD: Imagine What’s Next:
• Contact the Office of Development at (858) 534-1610 or campaign@ucsd.edu.
• Visit our Web site at campaign.ucsd.edu.
• Sign up to receive the Campaign Report by e-mailing us at campaign@ucsd.edu.


Pass It On

Gifts to scholarships and fellowships can be made at any level and can be directed to your area of interest. To learn more about supporting students, contact:

• Undergraduate scholarships: Contact Kim Signoret-Paar at kspaar@ucsdedu or (858) 822-1536 or visit campaign.ucsd.edu/alumnischolarships.htm
• Graduate fellowships: Lynda Heaney at lheaney@ucsd.edu or (858) 822-3041.