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Capital Campaign May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

What’s Next
Q&A with Robert Koenigsberger, '87


Advocating for holders of Russian bonds and analyzing Argentinean trade balances are the stuff of Robert Koenigsberger’s, ’87, workdays. A UCSD graduate in Latin American history and politics, Koenigsberger earned an M.A. in international studies at University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. at Penn’s Wharton School. Today he runs Gramercy Advisors, trading in the rollercoaster world of emerging market bonds. He recently provided a gift to establish the Robert S. Koenigsberger Chancellor’s Fellowship for the study of developing countries in UCSD’s Division of Social Sciences. Chancellor’s Fellowships provide significant financial support to graduate students, as well as confer a singular honor that will ultimately advance their careers.

Was there a “eureka!” moment at UCSD that channeled you toward the life you’re leading now?
I came into UCSD as a declared major in Management Science, but I took a class on Mexican History with Ramon Ruiz and really enjoyed it. Then I took a couple of Latin American Political Science courses with Paul Drake and never looked back.

What was your motivation to provide a gift to UCSD’s Division of Social Sciences?
First, I believe the value of the education we received at UCSD is unbeatable. I also believe the Latin American studies that I was exposed to at UCSD were more rigorous and informative than most of the courses I took at the graduate level. I look at my contribution as not merely a gift but rather an investment in the program.

Why a graduate student fellowship?
I wanted to ensure that the Division of Social Sciences could continue to attract the best graduate talent possible. I chose to specify developing countries in an effort to encourage and support UCSD’s leadership role in this area, and because I also want to contribute to the countries where Gramercy does business.

What’s next for you?
I’m quite happy growing and managing the business that we’ve built here at Gramercy. We are proactively investing in sovereign and corporate debt obligations from all around the world. It’s a lot of fun.



UCSD's Division of Social Sciences

Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies

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Average bedtime in college: 2 a.m.

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Roberto's Taqueria: Del Mar beaches

Thoughts for alumni: As the Beach Boys said, "Be good to your school."

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