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Features May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

Masters of Disguise


If you go down to Birch today, you’re sure of a big surprise. Be prepared to be tricked, fooled and duped when Birch Aquarium unveils its new exhibit, The Art of Deception, highlighting marine creatures that use creative camouflage for survival.

Starting on May 28, you’re invited to enter the world of these underwater masters of disguise and witness their ingenious disappearing acts: cellophane-like jellies that are virtually transparent, octopuses that seem to vanish into the rocky reefs surrounding them, and frogfish that resemble neither frogs nor fish but look like coral. These are just a few of the strategies marine creatures use to blend in with their environments and hide in plain sight. For the first time, Birch Aquarium will also display tree frogs and chameleons as part of this exhibit.

In the wild, the art of camouflage works for both sides in the
battle for survival. Prey animals use it to avoid becoming another creature’s dinner, and predators use it to conceal themselves from their victims until it’s too late.

And like its star attractions, this exhibit will do its own disappearing act in two years, so come see it while you can!
For more information, visit www.aquarium.ucsd.edu or call
(858) 534-FISH.

Contributors to Making Waves: Jessica Demian, Raymond Hardie, Heather Henter, Evelyn Hsieh, '05, Sue Pondrom.


Birch Aquarium At Scripps

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"In the wild, the art of camouflage works for both sides in the
battle for survival."