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Capital Campaign May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

What’s Next
Q&A with Seth Ellis Klonsky, ’04


“We are a privileged bunch of people. Let’s hope we’re also a philanthropic one.” This is how Seth Ellis Klonsky, ’04, chose to conclude his commencement remarks at the 2004 Muir College graduation. The economics major has already shown his generosity by becoming the very first alumnus to join the Chancellor’s Associates Young Alumni, a new philanthropic program launched in spring 2005 specifically for recent graduates. During his first year out of college, he also became a Life Member of the UCSD Alumni Association. Klonsky, who hails from Rohnert Park, Calif., and now lives in the San Diego community of North Park, is production manager for UCSD’s University Events Office and also helps organize San Diego’s annual Street Scene Music Festival.

Why give back so soon after graduating?
I think it’s important to remember that what happens at this University is because of philanthropy. When I think of this institution, it’s not just a place where I paid tuition and got a degree. It’s a place that thousands of donors made into something important to me. I feel there is an obligation—as best we are able—to provide for the next generation.

Chancellor’s Associates and the Alumni Association are the next chapter in your relationship with UCSD. What motivated you to join?
When I started working at UCSD, I wanted to begin directing some money toward philanthropic efforts. But as a 23-year-old, I didn’t have a specific academic department or a research focus in mind. Becoming a Life Member of the Alumni Association was an easy way to say thank you and give back. The Chancellor’s Associates Young Alumni program was an opportunity to participate as a young person and gave me a way to exponentially increase the impact of my gift. And it doesn’t have to be a major gift—a $500 gift can be combined with your friends’ gifts; and then it goes on to become something much bigger.

What’s next for you?
I plan to stay at UCSD’s University Events Office for a good while—I love my job and the work we do in this office. Down the road, I’m not sure exactly. But I know that philanthropy and the work of non-profit organizations will be very important to me, professionally.



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Quick Takes

Best study spot: Urban Grind Coffeehouse. Just take the free shuttle to Hillcrest.

Late-night study snack:

Chocolate. Always chocolate.

Excuses used for late assignments: You mean I didn't already turn that in?

Most creative professor:

Joel Watson, economics department

"When I think of this institution, it’s not just a place where I paid tuition and got a degree... I feel there is an obligation - as best we are able - to provide for the next generation."