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Up Front May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

Raymond HardieMy Irish grandmother, Sarah, who hailed from County Down often told me “self praise is no recommendation.” I’m in a quandary. An increasing number of you are aware that we’ve won awards for our magazine (excuse me, your magazine, after all, it’s about you and UCSD). Many of you also tell me that we should advertise our awards—so here goes, sorry Granny. Since our first... MORE


Cover image: ERC campus

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A teacher’s Story
Thank you very much for the story about Jennifer Wong. It makes me proud to be an alumna of UCSD. I also thank you for structuring the magazine so that we learn about our scientific breakthroughs and our elite standing in academia, and also so that we learn about the people who once skated on our sidewalks and who once walked our halls.
Sandra P. Daley, M.D. ’75, UCSD School of Medicine

No Study in Israel
In your May 2005 issue you erroneously published information about the UCSD Opportunities Abroad Program, “OAP to Restore Study in Israel.”

Recently, there has been, and continues to be much discussion about the U.S. State Department Travel Warning for Israel. Our conclusion at this point is to continue our existing policy of discouraging students from going to any countries with State Department Travel Warnings.

This means that we will meet with students who want to go to Israel and we will let them know how to proceed on their own if they choose to. But we will not give them any OAP forms.
Bill Clabby, Revelle, ’84
Opportunities Abroad Program Coordinator

War in Iraq
I found the cover article in the May 2005 issue of @UCSD disturbing. Colonel Ubbelohde has every reason to be optimistic, as he is protected by 14 armed guards, lives in a heavily fortified compound, and travels around Iraq in an armored vehicle. The majority of the US soldiers in Iraq do not have this sort of protection. I feel it would have been more appropriate to focus your story on a more common aspect of reality for an American’s daily life in Iraq. While I disagree with this war in Iraq, I fully support our troops. May I suggest highlighting UCSD alumni who are doing other sorts of jobs that put themselves in far more danger than Colonel Ubbelohde? This would reflect a more accurate picture of the current war and the challenges our soldiers face in Iraq.

Regardless of whether we support the war in Iraq, it is crucial to support the troops we have there now and to support the effort to bring back a working infrastructure to the Iraqi people. While the May issue of @UCSD highlighted this effort and commended the hardworking US soldiers, it did not provide an accurate picture of the causes of the hardships the Iraqis are facing, nor of the realities the majority of our soldiers face. I find this misrepresentation in the article offensive. I believe your readers deserve better and I look forward to future precise and multifaceted articles in your magazine.
Shira Stanton, ERC, ’05


Memories Are Made Of This?
Do you have fond memories of UCSD? What are they? In conversations with alumni we’ve heard stories that range from midnight swims at Black’s Beach to concerts at Price Center to political rallies at Revelle Plaza. We’ve also heard about eating places that have come and gone. The favorites of the early ’70s were not the cool grazing spots of the ’90s. And what about those other, illicit pleasures and places? We’re planning a feature on the tunnels; want to admit you were once part of the underground?

Email your UCSD fondest memory to: alumni@ucsd.edu.



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