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Features May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

Angel of Death Online


Sounds like a violent action-packed computer game? Actually it’s one of the offerings on a new Library of Congress website dedicated to the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Roger Reynolds. The multimedia website http://loc.gov/rogerreynolds gives an intimate look into Reynolds’ life and creative process with sound files, musical scores, interviews, photos, diagrams and sketches.

For Reynolds, a professor of music at UCSD since 1969, the installation culminates many years of archiving his nearly 100 compositions.

Reynolds is among the first American composers to make significant use of new technology and his music incorporates elements of theater, digital signal processing, dance and video. He continues to work at the intersection of art and science with such projects as “Motione” and “The Angel of Death.” So take an online tour, it just might be music to your ears.

Contributors to Making Waves: Malinda Danziger, '00, Jessica Demian, Karla DeVries, '04, Inga Kiderrra, Paul Mueller.


Roger Reynolds' Multimedia Collection

UCSD Department of Music

"...his music incorporates elements of theater, digital signal processing, dance and video..”