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Capital Campaign May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

What’s Next
Q&A with J. Mark Waxman, ’70

and J. Leslie Waxman, ’75


J. Mark Waxman, ’70

J. Mark Waxman, ’70, attended the Boston UCSD Near You event in spring 2005 and learned that, despite living on the east coast, his alma mater was never far from his heart. Comments made by UCSD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox at the event regarding UCSD’s strengths and opportunities motivated him to make a call to his sister and fellow UCSD alum, Dr. J. Leslie Waxman, ’75. Together, they have provided $30,000 to fund the Waxman Family Alumni Leadership Scholarship endowment.

After graduating from Revelle College in 1970 with a degree in economics, J. Mark Waxman headed to Boalt Hall School of Law at UC Berkeley and now is a Partner at Foley & Lardner, LLP in Boston where he practices health care law and litigation.

How did attending a UCSD Near You event spark your reconnection to campus?
I hadn’t participated in an alumni activity in years, but after last year’s UCSD Near You event, I realized that I was long overdue to regain a connection with a place and time that was among the most enjoyable of my life.

Why did you choose to support UCSD undergraduates?
I became interested in the new Alumni Leadership Scholarship program and thought that my sister would also be interested. We really want to help students focus on academic performance, not on finding part-time jobs to cover expenses.

What’s next for you?
I will continue to practice law in Boston for a few more years and then I’ll return to the San Diego area. With luck I’ll move right back to the Del Mar neighborhood where I lived as a student!

J. Leslie Waxman, ’75
J. Leslie Waxman graduated from Muir College in 1975 with a biology major, then went on to earn her M.D. from the University of Michigan. She resides in Los Angeles and is the Assistant Area Medical Director at Kaiser Permanente, Bellflower.

Why is it important to support an upper classman?
In my career, I have met many young adults working and attending college on a part-time basis. It can be very challenging to secure adequate financial aid to finish
up the last couple of years of undergraduate education.
We’re hoping to make this balance easier, especially during the time when students have to decide on a major. I hope this also encourages students to pursue science and math and to do research activities.

What’s next for you?
I have become very interested in physician leadership development—helping already excellent clinicians gain the skills they need to be leaders in the field—and I’d like to continue working in this area.



UCSD Near You

Alumni Leadership Scholarship


Most inspirational professors?
Richard Attiyeh and Paul Saltman

Favorite TV show while in college?
Avengers! The most unbelieveable television moment in my life was lottery night for the draft to go into the Army, and likely to Vietnam. A surreal experience to say the least.

Best weekend road trip?
Borrowing my roommate's care and heading out to Ramona.



Favorite band while in college?
The Rolling Stones...and they're still around!

Best weekend road trip?
Santa Barbara.

Best place to hang out on Friday nights?
The dorms.

To learn more about supporting undergraduates, call (858) 822-1536 or email kspaar@ucsd.edu