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Capital Campaign May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

School of Medicine: Scholarships Crucial for Future Success


The UCSD School of Medicine has rapidly evolved into a leading academic and research institution, but future success is in jeopardy because of the struggle to compete for the most promising medical students.

Today, the cost to attend the UCSD School of Medicine is growing alarmingly closer to that of private medical schools, however private institutions have large scholarship funds to offset these expenses. This is a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining the nation’s best students.

For most medical school students, scholarship support is absolutely essential and many students must, whether they want to or not, choose the medical school that offers them the most financial aid.

“The financial support has allowed me to investigate different fields in medicine, from primary care to sub-specialties, with an open mind. I’m someone who has worked since I was 13; medical school was the first time I didn’t work. It makes me feel uncomfortable not to be working, but the financial aid has been really good to me. We took a big hit with recent increases in fees, but I’ll come out with only about $100,000 in debt.” —John Weedin, recipient of The UCSD School of Medicine’s Endowed Scholarship.

A gift to medical scholarships will help ensure that the most promising students—and future physicians—choose UCSD. Gifts of all levels make a meaningful difference. To learn more about how you can help, please call (858) 822-1030, or email tbruckner@ucsd.edu.




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School of Medicine Scholarships

"We took a big hit with recent increases in fees, but I’ll come out with only about $100,000 in debt."