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Up Front May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

Letters to the Editor

While reading the current issue of @UCSD, I was blown away by the article “Looking Back”. I arrived at UCSD in the fall of 1980. At that time, only my brother and younger sister knew I was gay. Upon finding out that there was a “gay group” that had periodic meetings (and even lunches on the hill), I felt a lot more normal. I became involved immediately.

I was the individual who designed and was a major contributor to our first full page (the entire back page of the Guardian) sometime in ’80 or ’81. At that time we were not known as LAGO, but a longer acronym, which, if I remember correctly, had UCSD in it. I remember using stencils and drew the logo by hand. I also included a comic from the comic strip Doonesbury that had the punch line something to the effect:

“You’re Gay!”
“And you’re Black!”
“But that’s normal!”
“Didn’t used to be!”

Take care!
Gary C. Johnson, Muir ’84

The John O. White article about queer politics at UCSD was great. My question is this: who are the Bobcats? He makes a shout out to them at the end of his article. Are they the UC Merced folks? Or did UCSD used to have Bobcats instead of the Tritons? Not a life-altering question, I know, but I was interested!
Steph Levenstone, ’05

John O. White answers: Thanks for the question. My reference was deliberate, so as to provoke the question. Yes. The Bobcat is the mascot for UC Merced!

I could not stop reading the January 2006 issue of @UCSD magazine. All articles kept my attention. My method of operation is to read only a few articles and set it aside.

Provoking Thinkers” on Professor William Arctander O’Brien made me think of the impact that the study of the humanities can have on future thinking. “Beating the Odds” made me proud and respectful of these people who shoulder their hardships and continue towards their goals. “Welcome to the Wonder Years at Calit2” thrills me that the future is closer than we think. “Da Vinci Decoded” on Maurizio Seracini, a fellow Muir alum, kept my respect for the past alive.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to my next issue.
Lauretta Royce Johnson, Muir, ’92

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