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Class Notes May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

Voices of San Diego
Evan McLaughin, ’04


City officials on trial, a billion-dollar deficit and a newly elected mayor resigns—it’s not some television drama, but the real-life story of the last few years of San Diego politics. Through it all, one small web-based news organization nipped at the heels of every scandal, offering an alternative resource for many residents.

Voiceofsandiego.org has made a name for itself as an online forum offering news, arts, sports and commentary on all things San Diego. Its format allows for unique online features that keep readers up-to-date as news happens. And a number of UCSD alumni have been involved with it since its launch.

Evan McLaughin, ’04 (left), is a staff writer and loves the challenge of the new media. He says that while some newspapers are just snapshots of history, voiceofsandiego.org is a living, breathing dynamic “news beast,” that offers a more unique experience to readers. Former columnist Ian Port, ’06, and freelance photographer Jessica Horton, ’06, share his enthusiasm. They have seen the Voice widen its coverage beyond City Hall to the region’s larger issues of public health, housing and the border.

A non-profit organization, voiceofsandiego.org is funded mainly through membership donations, sponsorships, advertising and grants. The web site itself is free and accessible to anyone and McLaughlin says that it has gained respect as a legitimate news source.

Created by Neil Morgan along with Buzz Woolley, founder and honorary lifetime member of UCSD Connect, and a group of other entrepreneurs, the website has received numerous awards in the past year including first place for Overall News Website during the San Diego Press Club’s Excellence in Journalism Awards. McLaughlin placed second in the headline-writing category and third place for a story about San Diego’s ethics commission.

— Marnette Federis, ’06

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