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Cliff Notes May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

Lights, Camera, Action


Heard of Wong Fu Productions? You may soon. Some 5,000 people a day visit their website. Philip Wang, ’06, started making music videos with suitemates his freshman year to stave off boredom. Later, he met Wesley Chan, ’06, and Ted Fu, ’06, in film classes and the three began to collaborate on projects.

“We have a similar eye,” Chan says. “We agree on the same things and we look for advice or help from each other.”
Four years later, the trio is now known as Wong Fu productions and has produced numerous movie shorts and music videos, all available online.

“We do it all,” Wang says. “It’s a three-man team doing the writing, coming up with concepts, editing—it’s really self-contained.”

The group has gained a large audience with college students from the U.S., Japan, Canada and even Australia. The group’s work varies from Yellow Fever, a humorous take on race and relationships to the more dramatic series My Unspoken Words, a story about being hurt by love.

Wong Fu Productions recently finished its first feature film, A Moment with You, a story about two strangers who go through similar yet opposite experiences with relationships. The premiere was held on campus last June, and attracted an
audience of over 500 viewers.

A music video for an independent hip-hop group is also in the works. All three have recently moved to L.A. in pursuit of other projects.

“We’re trying to find work as freelancers,” Wang says, “but creatively, we want to continue to make good videos, shorts and maybe even films.”

Cliff Notes written by Marnette Federis, ’06


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"We do it all...

It’s a three-man team doing the writing, coming up with concepts, editing—it’s really self-contained."