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Up Front May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

Raymond HardieOur September issue is one of milestones. Sixth College graduated its first class in June, as did the Skaggs School of Pharmacy, and the Academic Internship Program celebrates 30 years of placing students in the workforce. The University is growing up and growing out. MORE


Cover image: ERC campus

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Video Visiting Iraq
I appreciated reading your article titled Video Visiting Iraq. As an active duty Col. in the USAF and a UCSD alumnus, class of 1984 Revelle College, I am glad to see that UCSD is making life better for my deployed military brothers and sisters.
Ed Kost, ’84, MD, Col(s), USAF, MC

Favorite Sun God memories
My first Sun God memory was my freshman year in Spring 2000. That year was also the graduating year for an infamous troop of friends, who had established a legacy through their creation of an SRTV based talk/variety show called the Gleib Show. Over the years, the troop had acquired some great renown and so their finale was actually part of the Sun God festivities and was performed in the Price Center. As is only appropriate for a Sun God festival, they managed to get a high profile celebrity—the very sexy Carmen Electra—on stage as their show’s guest. Carmen wore a sparkly pink dress of course and she was dazzling. The Price Center was filled beyond capacity with celebrating onlookers. I had a great view, my friends with me, sitting just in front of the waterfall about 30 yards back from the stage. As the show continued I exclaimed as only a screaming freshman can “Carmen I love you!” Despite the boisterous level of the show, she heard me. She stood up, looked out into the sea of lights and proclaimed, “I love you too, baby!” The crowd cheered, and I was happy. Though sadly, I never was able to embrace Carmen, that memory of Sun God 2000 will forever reign in my heart.
Joshua Wortman, ’04

My Favorite Sun God memory was when Cypress Hill played in 1999. I was pushed into the mosh pit, lost ONE Steve Madden shoe, got my first contact high, and had to be carried piggy-back to Camp Snoopy all the way from RIMAC—or was it being forced to pour out a bottle of Cuervo before leaving the dorms? No, definitely the Cypress Hill memory. A night to remember! Thanks.
Amy Chester, ’02

Not-so-favorite Sun “Thing” Memories
Is the Sun God—infinitely uglier than the cross on Mount Soledad—a religious symbol?
Professor (emeritus) Ralph Lewin

Publisher’s Response:
Dear Professor Lewin,
Thank you for your question. This is the link to the UCSD’s Stuart Collection’s website: stuart collection.ucsd.edu, where you will find a description of the Sun God. As you can see, it is intended to be non-religious artwork.
John Valva
Executive Director,
UCSD Alumni Association




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