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Up Front May 2004: Volume 1, Number 2

Our September issue is one of milestones. Sixth College graduated its first class in June, as did the Skaggs School of Pharmacy, and the Academic Internship Program celebrates 30 years of placing students in the workforce. The University is growing up and growing out. We now have 22,057 undergraduates enrolled for fall, a far cry from the 181 brave souls of UCSD’s pioneer class, who ventured onto the building site that was campus, 42 years ago.

I graduated from one of the “red-brick” universities in the U.K. and our pioneer class entered in 1845. Not much chance of any of them still being around, unlike the UCSD pioneers. I have often thought what a privilege it must be for you to see your university grow in such leaps and bounds. To see it start off as a gleam in Roger Revelle’s eye, and end up as one of the world’s top research universities. It really is a story of mythic proportions, of dreams maturing into a successful reality. And all of you were part of it.

It must be a privilege, but also I am sure a bit discombobulating. As one alumna said to me, “every time I come back, I barely avoid walking into the wall of some gigantic building where once there was a tree.” We still have trees, but the buildings are proliferating at a seemingly exponential rate. This spring, the 45-million dollar Skaggs School of Pharmacy was completed, with classrooms and three floors of research laboratories. At the northern end of campus, the sharply angled prow-like, glass and steel walls of The Rady School of Management are fast rising on a hill above the Pacific. In the center of campus, the five-story Student Academic Services Facility now looms over the granite marker commemorating the transmutation of Camp Matthews into UCSD, in October 1964. Scheduled to open next April, the 102,000 square-foot building will include Financial Aid, the Registrar, Admissions, a 300-seat multipurpose room and two restaurants. And in 2008, the Alumni Association will move out of one of the last of the old Camp Matthews officer’s quarters to new digs in an expanded Price Center. (And what is the Price Center ask all of you who graduated before the mid-1990s!) All in all, there are some 16 capital projects in various stages of planning and construction. So a word to all returning alumni, don’t blink, that shortcut through the trees may have been replaced by one of those neophyte walls.

However there are constants: Crisp brown eucalyptus leaves still crackle underfoot, and swirl like ticker tape in cool marine breezes; sand splattered surf boards still lean against balcony walls; and students still linger over coffee, deep in meaningful conversations that that will shape a lifetime. Our writer of Looking Back, Annamarie Bezzerides, ’91, recalls serving those coffees at the Grove Caffe almost 20 years ago. She describes it as “That little wooden hut with a funky, hip feel, where traditions like wearing strange hats flourished in protest against the health code.” And recalls “having long drawn out philosophical conversations about saving the world.” Let me assure you that even amid this deluge of Podcasts and text messages those conversations continue.

As they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Raymond Hardie, Editor



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