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Class Notes May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Career Curve


The word is “Outcomes.” It is a powerful word, and those of us who have the privilege to work with UCSD students and alumni live and breathe this word every day. We develop programs, systems, and experiences to guide them toward the fulfillment of their individual professional outcomes. And so it seems appropriate to dedicate some ink here to a man who for over four decades embodied this notion of career outcomes. As Vice Chancellor Student Affairs Joseph Watson prepares for his retirement this summer, I’m struck with how many initiatives he directed through the years to ensure successful landings for our graduates. For instance, he was the force behind the construction of the Career Services Center on Library Walk in the mid 1980s. He was strategic in housing under one roof a variety of career services, such as advising, recruitment services, student employment/work study and professional graduate school preparation. More recently, Dr. Watson was visionary in his support of the student online career portfolio. To date, nearly 14,000 career portfolios have been created. He was a vocal advocate for the build out of the “My Future” tab in the TritonLink student portal.

A few months ago, I hosted my National Career Benchmarking Group at the Faculty Club. VC Watson was kind enough to serve as our breakfast speaker. At one point, one of the 22 directors around the hollow square interrupted his remarks to say, “I just have one question. How can we clone you for our campuses?” I’m certain that remark felt good to the Vice Chancellor, and I know it provided me a vivid reminder that successful career services programs involve a magical mix of talent, essential resources and a supportive hand from on high. When that hand retires in July 2007, today’s UCSD outcomes-oriented programs will be better for having had him at the helm of Student Affairs for so many years.

And speaking of outcomes, our Survey of Recent Graduates has just been published and can be found on your University’s Career Services Center website. Visit career.ucsd.edu for starting salaries, graduate school enrollment, and successful approaches to successful landings with a UCSD degree.

For more information,

visit http://career.ucsd.edu/sa/alumnpage.shtml.

Andrew Ceperley has been director of UCSD’s Career Services Center since 2003.

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