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Campus Currents

May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2


Nap Happy
How fitting a nap into your schedule can increase alertness, boost creativity and reduce stress. MORE

So What's Shakin'?
Need to shake up your evening plans? Why not come back to UCSD and attend a free concert at Porter's Pub, or lectures from your favorite professors. MORE

Autism and Siblings
Most of us seek cues from other people when we're faced with novel situations and we do so automatically. MORE

By the Sweat of Their Browser
Naked to the waist, lit cigarette dangling from his lips, a young Chinese worker in Zhejiang Province begins a tedious midnight shift at a factory. MORE

Hot Ticket
Scripps' Birch Aquarium has a new exhibit delving into the science of climate change.


Fuel from Greenhouse Gas
Two UCSD scientists are building a solar-powered device to scrub the air of CO2.


The Robin Hood Game
Robin Hood lives on in most of us. And the rich don't get richer, at least they don't in laboratory games. MORE

Summer Bridge
The 350 UCSD alums and students who filed into dinner in the Price Center Ballroom on May 26, were there to celebrate a program that had transformed many of their lives-UCSD's "Summer Bridge." MORE

By the Numbers
Some feel-good Triton facts and figures.

•5,056: Number of Bachelor degrees awarded in 2007.

•337: Number of Ph.D. degrees awarded in 2007.

•79: Percentage of 2007 computer science grads with starting salaries over $55,000.

•104: Number of M.D. degrees awarded by School of Medicine in 2007.

8: National Ranking of UCSD Medical Center in treatment of

In July, UCSD theater professor Jorge Huerta was honored with a lifetime achievement award from the Association for Theatre in Higher Education. MORE


September 23, 1997
Clinton Enhances Graduation—On June 14, families and friends came together to celebrate UCSD’s 1996-97 graduating class. However, this year’s commencement ceremony was a little different from any previous one—for the first time ever, the five colleges gathered together to hear President Bill Clinton deliver a speech on the state of race relations in America.

September 28, 1987
Classes Begin at Unique Grad School—The first graduate students to be accepted into UCSD’s new Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS) began classes last week in one of the academic community’s most eagerly awaited and highly acclaimed Master’s Degree programs.

October 31, 1977
Blackout Hits UCSD—Saturday evening. 6:25 to be exact. Suddenly the lights begin to flicker all over campus. Then they go off. Power failure: UCSD Blackout, 1977, and as of Sunday afternoon it was still unclear as to what exactly happened.

September 24, 1967
Muir Born Today!—Classrooms in Quonset huts? Temporary dormitories?
Is this John Muir College? Pioneering Muirians will find further primitive accommodations as they move into their Matthews Campus headquarters today. After the first rains, entering freshmen and juniors will understand why last year’s residents in Matthews were known as the “Dirty Diehards.”


A selection of UCSD research stories. For more visit: ucsdnews.ucsd.edu

Degrees of Nano Jacobs School of Engineering has just launched a new Department of NanoEngineering—one of the first in the nation—focusing on biomedical nanotechnology, nanotechnologies for energy conversion, computational nanotechnology, and molecular and nanomaterials. MORE

Bird Species Extinctions According to biologists at UCSD and Princeton University, global warming and deforestation will imperil at least 400 of the world’s 8,750 terrestrial bird species by 2050. The study, led by Walter Jetz, an assistant professor of biological sciences at UCSD, analyzed the effect of climate change on a large group of vertebrates. MORE

Curing Cancer with Herpes A type of herpes simplex virus has been scientifically engineered by researchers at the European Society for Medical Oncology to kill cancer cells, without harming normal cells. It will be tested by UCSD’s Tony Reid, M.D., at seven leading U.S. cancer centers in the treatment of colorectal and liver cancers. MORE

Rewiring For Speech UCSD cognitive science professor Marty Sereno was featured in Discover magazine for determining how humans evolved from primates to develop speech. He attributes the change to a relatively minor rewiring of brain structures through the visual neural system, challenging the preconception that language ability arose from a new, uniquely human language organ. MORE

Red Rover The European ExoMars rover mission will set out to search for life on the Red Planet in 2013 carrying the Urey Mars Organic and Oxidant Detector. The chip was developed by UCSD and UC Berkeley and will analyze the soil for amino acids and other biomolecules to look for signs of life. MORE