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Class Notes May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2


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Have you founded a company or worked at a company started by a UCSD alum? We want to know - for the stories behind these companies, for networking, for mentoring, and just for war stories about successes and failures. Drop us a note at startups@ucsd.edu so we can build a database of activity.

Career Curve
What is it like to be new on the job? We’ve all been there and probably will be again. Our advising team in the Career Services Center staff has been asked to deliver a number of talks on this topic lately...


Documenting Crystal-Meth Addiction
Crystal meth addiction is now a full-blown epidemic in the United States. In Nevada alone, 90 percent of the crimes are meth-related, and surveys produced by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services show that more than 17 percent of high school juniors have used the drug.

Sixties-style Rockers
Could I be yours? The Modlins certainly hope so. Made up of guitarists Eric Killian, Warren ’03, and Matt Sheridan, Muir ’03; bass guitarist Alex Smith, Warren ’05; and drummer Stoph Rhanor, these rockers sing about girls and the woes of love...


When Kim Kennedy, director of marketing at the Rady School of Management, joined the newly established Rady School in 2006, she decided to invest part of Rady’s marketing budget in the local community and develop co-branded products for the school’s use. She was surprised when she realized that nearly every company she approached was founded by UCSD alumni.

Sweet Tooth
Chuao Chocolatier was founded by Richard, Muir ’84, and Michael Antonorsi, Muir ’85. Michael Antonorsi is a Certified French Chef from the École Supéríeure de Cuísíne Francaíse Ferrandi in Paris, where he also completed specialized training in pastry and chocolate making at the École Lenotre. His brother, entrepreneur Richard Antonorsi, manages the business affairs of Chuao Chocolatier. MORE

Clothes with a Mission
Mission Playground, founded in 2003, is a conscious lifestyle clothing line for men, women and children whose designs and messages are inspired by nature. MORE

True Brew

Three Friars Brewing is a Carlsbad-based startup founded by three Rady FlexMBA alumni, as an extension of their Lab to Market project. MORE

Diego Takes on Post-Triton Life
Diego Takes on Post-Triton Life