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Up Front May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Welcome to a new year at UC San Diego. 2007 was a year of growth and tremendous change for our University; change that leaves in its wake, a distinct impression on our campus and in our community.

If you visited the campus in the past year, you’ve witnessed the transformational impact the $1billion campaign—concluded through the generosity of alumni, parents and friends of UCSD— has had on our institution. The physical presence includes major new structures—all absolutely stunning, and some already garnering awards for design and energy efficiency. More importantly, student life and interdisciplinary research thrive in every part of campus. We continue to excel on all academic and research fronts, and Chancellor Fox’s leadership is evident in both the progress and promise of UCSD.

A notable point of pride for all alumni is that now there are over 116,000 of us—and it’s an impressive network of colleagues, professionals, advocates and friends. The UCSD Alumni Association is developing creative and provocative mechanisms to foster a lifelong connection between students, alumni and the University. We are growing our business in order to deliver programs and generate greater alumni interest in UCSD. In the next three years, we will expand our human capital by implementing a campus-wide alumni initiative that will introduce creative engagement programs and opportunities, and usher in a highly customized approach to alumni outreach. In order to accommodate our new growth and create a new home for visiting alumni and friends, we are moving to the bustling heart of campus, the expanded Price Center, by March 2008.

The feature on page 22 celebrates John Muir College’s 40th Anniversary. The celebration will bring back thousands of Muir alumni to the University and we encourage you to take the opportunity to return and witness how your alma mater has changed. I hope that you will make plans to come back and see that, with all of the changes to the University, it is still that special mesa overlooking the ocean.

Looking ahead, 2010 marks UC San Diego’s 50th Anniversary. As this milestone approaches, I encourage you to consider what the University means to you. Reflect on your time here and the impressions the campus left with you. And most importantly, let us know your thoughts and ideas so that we can plan on celebrating this turning point together.

On a personal note, I would like to wish you health and happiness in the New Year. Holidays are times when we celebrate our lives with family and friends, when we look back so we can look forward with new perspectives. As you look back, I invite you to think about your experiences at UCSD, and find ways in the coming year to make your alma mater more relevant in your lives.

Our resolution is to stay in touch. We hope that you will too.

Armin Afsahi, ’90
Interim Executive Director,
UCSD Alumni Association

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