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Features May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2



Call a loved one, pay some bills, or cast your vote. And now researchers think your multi-purposing mobile might just help you shed a few unwanted pounds.

The Patient-centered Assessment and Counseling for Exercise and Nutrition (PACE) project at UCSD School of Medicine created “mDIET” to track dieters and remind them to make wise nutritional choices throughout the day.

A life-style coordinator sends “prompts”—messages with specific tips regarding diet and doing the right thing.

“It seems like everybody has a cell phone. Those who do, usually carry it with them at all times,” explains mDIET coordinator Lindsay W. Dillon, Marshall ’00, M.P.H., C.H.E.S. “We want to see if we can use that same technology to get people to think differently.”

The study has already caught the attention of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, which is planning a documentary on the cell phone and its effect on our lives. Stay tuned for more UCSD gains . . . or is it losses?

For more about the PACE mDIET study, call (858) 457-7280.

Contributors to Making Waves: Mario Aguilera, '89, Rex Graham, Raymond Hardie, Robert Monroe, Neda Oreizy, '08, Doug Ramsey



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