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Up Front May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Although I am usually happy to quote Shakespeare with thespian flourish, I have to admit that I’m in a quandary on this one...

“When China wakes,” Napoleon said, “it will shake the world.” No one can doubt that this summer’s Olympics are meant to signal that that long sleep is over—if indeed any of us needed reminding. UC San Diego’s global reach is evident in the China experts it has in many disciplines, and we tapped into some of that expertise in the following pages. Professor Susan Shirk’s article, adapted from her new book The Fragile Superpower, examines the problematic nature of this new resurgent China. Professor Joseph Esherick brings us a very personal sense of Chinese history as he traces his wife’s family back 700 years. Sara Bongiorni, ’88, experienced our billion-dollar trade gap with China in a very personal way when she and her family tried to live for a year without buying any Chinese imports. She writes about her experience after she published her book A Year Without ‘Made in China’. And we take a look at another even less welcome import, in “The Brown Cloud,” the pollution threatening our own water supply, which is being monitored by Professor Veerabhadran Ramanathan at UCSD’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Finally our “Looking Back” column from Ivy Chou, M.F.A. 04, relates her recent experiences working in Shanghai.



Credit: On the cover: UCSD Professor Catherine Todd is researching the AIDS/heroin connection in Afghanistan.

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Letters to the editor

A Palestinian Drama
Daoud Heidami states in his profile in the 2008 January issue that there are “no easy answers” to the Arab-Israeli conflict, and much of that stems from the intense anti-Israel messages typically brainwashed across the Arab world by its media and its leaders. So it is gratifying that the plays and movies in which Mr. Heidami has appeared tend to not be of the Israel-bashing type. Daoud is doing his small part as a Palestinian to not partake in negative portrayals. The path to a new Middle East starts with spotlighting and understanding the humanity of the other side, and the Arab world could sure use more people like Daoud who are both willing to work with Israelis and communicate a message of understanding and realistic portrayals of Israel. Hopefully, he can attempt to have his roles translated into Arabic and presented across the Arab world—an effort I believe will sadly be difficult if not impossible to implement.

David Alpern, Revelle ’90


Letters to the editor


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