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Campus Currents

May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2


Surgery Without Scars
UC San Diego Medical Center is testing new techniques to remove diseased organs through natural openings such as the mouth or vagina.


TIME Magazine Article

Chancellor's 5K Challenge

Since its establishment in 1996 by then Chancellor Robert C. Dynes, the challenge for scholarships has grown to include 1500 registered participants, and this year aims to surpass the $2 million funding mark.


Quad Talk
Recent news from the six colleges.


Get on the Chest and Compress

Knowing what that phrase means could someday make the difference between life and death for someone you love.


Bomb Sniffer
Even a very thin film sprayed on a suspect surface can detect the presence of minute amounts of some explosives.


The Beat Bodhisattvas
The Library adds Gary Snyder to its stellar post-war poetry collection.


Mini Medicine
The nanoworms behave like tiny cruise missiles … as they home in and destroy tumors.


New VC for External Relations
Debra G. Neuman was appointed as the new VC for External Relations at UC San Diego in June. She comes to UCSD from CARE USA, where she was senior vice president of External Relations.


Through Thick and Thin
Bioengineering professor Marcos Intaglietta's team made an astonishing discovery while performing fluid resuscitation experiments on hamsters.


Nano-Wired Solar Future
A UCSD team described how they increased electrical current in experimental solar cells by six to seven orders of magnitude.


By the Numbers
Some feel-good Triton facts and figures.

•11: Rank in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance
100 best-value public colleges

•10: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry’s national rank in research funding

•47,364: Number of applicants for fall
2008 admission

•19,690: Number of freshmen admitted for fall 2008

•2.7: Percentage increase of freshmen to be admitted for 2008

•8.4: Percentage of freshmen admitted for fall 2008 from San Diego and Imperial Counties

•44.5: Percentage of freshmen admitted for fall 2008 from Los Angeles

•24.2: Percentage of freshmen admitted for fall 2008 from San Francisco

•12: Percentage of UCSD’s annual revenues that come from the state

•7: National rank in National Academy of Sciences memberships


May 4, 1998
This year ’s Sun God evening concert will be headlined by punk-rock band Social Distortion. Hip-hop group The Roots and local band D Frost round out the rest of the concert lineup.

May 16, 1988
CARRUTHERS ORDERS CHÉ CAFÉ CLOSED—Ché was closed over the weekend by University Center Director Jim Carruthers for endangering “the public health,” but members of the Ché planned to resist by holding a free breakfast at 8 a.m. this morning. Over 300 flyers and several banners were made by Ché members last night in preparation for an anticipated attempt by the UCSD police to close the restaurant.

May 15, 1978
GUARDS SURROUND MCELROY’S COMPLEX—The arrest of 21 students Friday afternoon ended a three-day sit-in in Chancellor McElroy’s office protesting the refusal of the Advisory Committee on Student Fee Programs to fund the UCSD Day Care Center. About 100 protestors had occupied McElroy’s office since Wednesday morning, refusing to leave until adequate funding was provided for the center.

May 24, 1968
RACIAL DISCUSSION ENDS IN CONFRONTATION—The designation by the A.S. Senate of last Friday as a day of racial discussion in honor of Malcolm X, whose birthday was the 19th, had various effects upon the UCSD community, the most dramatic of which was a confrontation between Provost Saltman and several students.


A selection of UCSD research stories. For more visit: ucsdnews.ucsd.edu

Self-Eating Secrets Molecular biologists at UCSD have found one piece of the complex puzzle of autophagy, the process of “self-eating” performed by all cells with a nucleus to keep themselves healthy. This could help illuminate autophagy’s role in aging, immunity and cancer.

GULF WAR ILLNESSES Researchers led by Professor Larry R. Squire, Ph.D.,
at UCSD School of Medicine, have shown there is increasing evidence that high rates of illness in Persian Gulf War Veterans can be explained, in part, by exposure to certain chemicals, including pesticides and nerve agents.

Fish, Eyes The Shiley Eye Center
at UCSD is participating in a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) designed to determine if a modified combination of vitamins, minerals and fish oil can further slow vision loss from age-related macular degeneration.

Chips with Everything A team
of electrical engineers led by Professor Gabriel Rebeiz, have developed the world’s most complex “phased array”—or radio frequency integrated circuit. They expect it will be used in U.S. defense satellite communication and radar systems.

Surgery Without Scars Natural orifice surgery has been pioneered by
Dr. Mark Talamini of UCSD. This involves going through the nose, mouth, rectum, bladder and even vagina, and promises less pain, a faster recovery and no scars.

Quaking at Salton Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, report that the Salton Trough, just east of San Diego, is one of the most tectonically active places in North America and will likely produce the Big One.