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Giving Update May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Alumni Entrepreneurs Have Impact on Local Economy and Beyond

Rusty Preisendorfer, ’78—son of renowned Scripps Institution of Oceanography researcher, Rudolph Preisendorfer, Ph.D. ’56—began his journey as a visual arts student at UC San Diego. With ­inspiration from his father and professor Paul Saltman, Preisendorfer set out to combine his passions for the arts and surfing.

Bill Proffer, ’76, M.S. ’78


UC San Diego Department of Economics: “A Local and Global Resource”

UC San Diego’s Department of Economics is ­considered among the best economics programs in the nation, boasting the most Nobel Laureates of any academic area on campus and a top-ranked graduate ­program in Economics.

The department has received special recognition as a leader in econometrics— which combines economic theory with ­statistics to analyze and test economic ­relationships—ranking second after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. UC San Diego research professors Sir Clive W.J. Granger and Robert F. Engle received the coveted Nobel Prize in 2003 for their groundbreaking discoveries in the field, which have changed the way economists think about predicting the world’s economies. According to Granger, UC San Diego’s Economics department has established ­itself as “a local and global resource in forecasting ­economic growth.”

To continue the department’s tradition of innovation, an effort is ­currently ­underway to raise $500,000 to endow the Sir Clive W.J. Granger Endowed Chair in Econometrics. The chair will support the innovative research and teaching projects of the chair holder. Endowed faculty chairs are powerful tools to attract the world’s most outstanding scholars to UC San Diego.

John, ’88 and Kim, ’87 Iorillo and the W.P. Carey Foundation have each ­generously supported the proposed chair with $100,000 gifts. Even modest ­contributions, pooled with gifts from other friends of Economics, can help ­complete funding for this initiative. For further information, contact Michelle Glenn at (858) 822-0805 or mglenn@ucsd.edu.

The Campaign for UCSD: Imagine What's Next

Recent Gifts

An additional $3 million gift from ­philanthropist Conrad Prebys is music to the ears of UC San Diego. It will support the ­University’s renowned Music Depart­ment with the ­establishment of the Conrad Prebys Music Endowment. One year ago, Prebys personally committed $6 ­million for the building of UC San Diego’s state-of-the-art music center, now named the Conrad Prebys Music Center. The facility’s world-class ­concert hall will also be named after Prebys in recognition of his recent gift. For more information, visit music.ucsd.edu/building.

The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation recently brought UC San Diego one step closer to ­discovering the “fountain of youth” with a $2 million grant to support ­research to minimize the ­effects of aging. Leading the study is Laura Dugan, M.D., holder of the Larry L. Hillblom Chair in Geriatric Medicine and the head of UC San Diego’s new Division of Geriatric Medicine.
Visit geriatricsmedicine.ucsd.edu for more details.

In a race to raise $200,000, alumni and friends of UC San Diego Athletics, including William Scripps and Gary Jacobs, Revelle ’79, gave ­generously to cover the costs of bringing electrical utilities to the University’s baseball field while other nearby campus construction ­projects were still underway. The new utilities set the stage for installing lights, which are needed to host championships, as well as other ­upgrades for the winning team’s ­facilities. To support the initiative, visit studentsupport.ucsd.edu and click “Baseball Facilities.”

Learn More
For more information on giving to UCSD, please visit www.giving.ucsd.edu, email giving@ucsd.edu or call the Office of Development at 858-534-1610.