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Class Notes May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Entrepreneur's Corner:
EQ and EI are now A-OK
Travis Bradberry, Revelle ’98


Move over IQ, it’s the era of EQ. And Talent­Smart, a company co-founded by Travis Bradberry, Revelle ’98, is one of the leading providers of Emotional Intelligence tools and training programs. The company, dedicated to the study of company performance and individual excellence, has a list of clients that includes Coca-Cola, NASA, Microsoft, eBay, Wells Fargo and Nestle among many others.

Bradberry, who is also president of the Carmel Valley-based management consultant group, is a best-selling author whose books and techniques have been praised by numerous industry professionals and Fortune 500 companies. He also received a unique endorsement from the Dalai Lama, who said of Bradberry’s The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book: “This book succinctly explains how to deal with emotions creatively and employ our intelligence in a beneficial way.”

Bradberry’s latest book, Squawk!: How to Stop Making Noise and Start Getting Results addresses “Seagull Managers”—who, according to Bradberry, “swoop in at the last minute, squawk up a storm, and dump orders full of formulaic advice.” Using a humorous fable format, the book follows Charlie, a seagull at Sea World, who struggles to effectively manage his flock through a major crisis. Bradberry presents the reader with an entertaining story that shows how best to facilitate employee success by creating open lines of communication, setting clear goals and being present to praise or redirect.

Since its inception, the company has had its own employee success, growing to 15 full-time staff, 10 consultants and 400 certified trainers globally.


Written by Serena Renner, ’08, and Raymond Hardie

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