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Up Front May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Letters to the Editor

I was perplexed about the off-putting headline and the inaccurate thumbnail sketch on Thurgood Marshall College (TMC).

“DOC in Turmoil” may have been a news item in 2006/2007. We are not in that stride at the present time with the new senior rank faculty Dimensions of Culture (DOC) directors Drs. Bob Cancel & Robert Horwitz. TMC has been strong and visionary, sponsoring impressive campus symposiums such as Reconsidering Little Rock featuring civic rights legend Julian Bond and this November’s Human Rights/Global Citizenship week with major name speakers, events and artists. Our 2008 commencement speaker was Dr. Terrence Roberts—one of the Little Rock Nine members. There’s a high probability that TMC will help bring in two Nobel Playwright Laureates (Derek Walcott and Wole Soyinka) in the span of two years. Our resident artist program is equally compelling to outside eyes this year; celebrated actor/director Seema Sueko who will be in residency at TMC and La Jolla Playhouse. Further, our dynamic long-term partnership with the charter schools—Preuss, Gompers and Lincoln—is unique on this campus. Reach­ing out to our UCSD alumni with genuine, accurate reports about the six colleges would have been the fair measure of journalism ethics.

Allan Havis, Provost,
Thurgood Marshall College

This is a bit late, but I hope other Third College (TC) alumni have already brought it to your attention. As an original TC student who was at UCSD from 1970-72, I take great offense at your reference to “the whole Lumumba-Zapata debacle.” I do not consider the students’ preference for that name, and the subsequent struggle because of the University’s refusal to honor it, as a debacle in any way, shape, or form. I am proud that we did not budge, and the stalemate was a sign of our commitment. Lumumba & Zapata were great revolutionary leaders and represented the ideals on which TC was founded, as well as emphasizing black and brown unity. Among ourselves, many former students still refer to our school as L-Z College, or at least Third. I absolutely admire Thurgood Marshall, and am glad he was honored (at least this name reflects the spirit of TC), but in my mind, we will never be anything but L-Z or Third College.
I think you owe us an apology

Phyllis Chiu, Third ’73

I am happy to apologize. I certainly did not mean to cast aspersions on the idealistic efforts of students during that period. My phrasing was simply a shorthand to reference a failed process that resulted in Third College remaining a numeral for 23 years.

Raymond Hardie, Editor

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