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Campus Currents

May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2


Disease in the Spotlight
Pediatricians, a few parents and perhaps some Hollywood news junkies, may know about Kawasaki disease (KD). The recent death of Jett Travolta, who suffered from KD as a baby, put this mysterious illness back in the news.


Eyes on the Prize

Dollar signs for eyes—cartoonists have been drawing them for years, and research suggests they may have been onto something.


King Solomon’s Mines
Did the Bible’s King David and his son Solomon control the copper industry in present-day southern Jordan? The possibility is raised once again by the research of UC San Diego archaeologist Thomas Levy, Ph.D.


College Chatter
A roundup of news from the six colleges.


UC San Diego has appointed Steffanie Strathdee, Ph.D., its first associate dean for Global Health Sciences, focusing its work on programs for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.


Zapping Cancer
A New Microwave Technology Destroys Tumors


Buried at Sea
There’s apparently more than one way to reduce your carbon footprint. Norway’s largest producer of oil and gas is injecting 1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide below the North Sea every year in one of the world’s largest attempts to lock away the greenhouse gas.


Field Medic on a Chip

Most battlefield deaths occur within the first 30 minutes after injury, and a UC San Diego engineering professor wants to save as many of these lives as possible.


What’s the Buzz?
Hot or not? Biologists at UC San Diego have discovered that for a wasp or a bee it might depend on good nutrition.


Concrete Canoe

The ‘Dow Jones’ recently got a lift by UC San Diego structural engineering students.
We’re not talking about the stock market, but a handmade, 300-pound concrete canoe.


Happiness is . . .

A laugh can be infectious. You don’t need a sophisticated study to tell you that. But does this happy contagion vanish as quickly as a smile?


By the Numbers

Celebrating Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Roger Revelle’s 100th birthday

  • 1 National Research Council’s ranking of Scripps faculty among U.S. oceanographic institutions
  • 4 Number of research vessels in the Scripps oceanographic fleet
  • 220 Number of current Scripps graduate students
  • 380 Number of species of fish and invertebrates Birch Aquarium
  • 3,325 Number of Argo floats taking the pulse of the planet throughout the world's oceans
  • 70,000 Gallons of seawater in Birch Aquarium’s -forest tank
  • 2 million Number of specimens in the Scripps Fish Collection.



May 6, 1999
ALL-CAMPUS GRADUATION REINSTATED — Five weeks after canceling the ceremony due to difficulties in securing a speaker, last week Chancellor Dynes
re-instated this year’s all-campus commencement. He has secured Qualcomm founder and former UCSD faculty member Irwin Jacobs as the speaker.

June 5, 1989
UCSD STUDENT CREDIT UNION SCHEDULED TO OPEN THIS FALL — A formal agreement to establish a student credit union at UCSD was signed Thursday by A.S. President John Ramirez and University and State Employees Credit Union (USE) President James D. Kieweg.

May 25, 1979
PUB CONTRACT SIGNED — A contract for a pub in the Student Center was signed yesterday and it appears the pub will open by fall quarter.

May 25, 1979
SENATE COMMITTEE: ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ IN McELROY — The Academic Senate’s Executive and Policy Committee voted 18-0 Wednesday night to show “no confidence” in the way Chancellor McElroy has conducted himself in office.

May 16, 1969
UCSD DROPS FOOTBALL — The University of California, San Diego announced today it has dropped intercollegiate football from its list of sports after only one year of varsity competition … based on the apparent inability of UCSD to interest a sufficient number of students in the sport.


A selection of UCSD research stories. For more visit: ucsdnews.ucsd.edu

Terminator Termites According to a Scripps UCSD research team led by Jens Mühle, sulfuryl fluoride (SO2F2), a gas commonly used to rid buildings of termites and other pests, remains in the atmosphere about 36 years, six to 10 times longer than previously thought.

Statin Warning Beatrice Golomb, Ph.D. ’89, director of UC San Diego’s Statin Study group, co-authored a paper published in March that cited nearly 900 studies showing the adverse side effects of statin drugs—ranging from muscle pain to cognitive problems.

Sci-Fi Cell Phones James Buckwalter, an assistant professor at Jacobs, has developed the new signal amplifier for the silicon chips used in cell phones. With the amplifier, phones will be able to handle 10 to 100 times the bandwidth and signals.

Apnea and Alzheimer’s Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) treatment may improve cognitive functioning in patients with Alzheimer’s disease who also suffer from sleep apnea, according to a study led by Sonia Ancoli-Israel, professor of psychiatry.

 The One-Egg Bird Why do some species of birds lay only one egg in their nest, while others lay 10 or more? A UCSD study, published in the journal PLoS Biology, combined data on the clutch sizes of 5,290 species of birds.

Amoeba Robot? A team of UCSD physicists has built a simple electronic
circuit that is capable of the same “intelligent” behavior as Physarum, a unicellular organism. They say this could help us understand the origins of primitive