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Up Front May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Letters to the Editor

Celebrating the Fiftieth
I would like to suggest that we feature memories of UCSD when Revelle and Muir were the only two colleges. For example: did you know that in 1968 we had a football team?

It was only for one year and we went 0-9, the first team to lose
to CalTech in 10 years! We also won the National Underwater Monopoly Tournament at Sea­World in 1970. We hosted and won the National Small College Volleyball championships. Sanatana did two concerts in our gym in 1970. SDS hung a North Vietnamese flag on the flagpole. Within a few minutes, the Young Republicans took it down, but the announcer for Channel 8 TV harped on this all week. We had one quarter where everyone went on strike, because of the bombing of Cambodia. We all marched from UCSD to downtown La Jolla to protest the war, much to the chagrin of the local businesses. We had a cafe/bar in the eucalyptus trees that served beer. The Regents challenged them and said they were not allowed to “sell” beer on campus. They decided to give a beer, free, to each person who bought a $5 hamburger. Let’s find some old timers and get the memories on paper.

Chris Stiehl, Revelle ’71

Not Enough History
I was pleased to open the January issue and find an article on UCSD’s first chancellor, Herbert York. His commitment to both national security and maintaining peace, demonstrated by his dual roles as a Manhattan Project engineer and advisor on disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation, makes him one of the most significant figures to associate with UCSD in its 45-year history.

I had the pleasure of interacting with Dr. York three times, when I was the program assistant for Warren’s honors seminar. Twice, the program director and I drove him from Warren Lecture Hall back to his house in La Jolla. During those 20-minute car rides, which were more educational than half my classes, I learned about UCSD’s founding period, politics of the times, and the Oxford/ Cambridge plan that was only tangentially referenced in the article. I had hoped the article’s author would’ve jumped at the chance to gain insight into the campus’s founding. So many myths propagated by budding UCSD conspiracy theorists—that the Regents designed the college system to stifle student unity in the wake of protests at Berkeley, or that the underground tunnels were built to facilitate police movements during a student riot—were dispelled with eloquence and commonsense explanations by Dr. York. If your magazine again has the opportunity to interview Herbert York, you should perhaps assign a student interviewer, not a “freelance San Diego writer,” because a student would actually have questions about UCSD.

Daniel Watts, Warren ’06

Thanks for the memories of time spent with Chancellor York. As to your criticism of the length and depth of the article, I take full responsibility for that. The writer could easily have written much more but I asked her for a shorter piece as our surveys tell us that there is a preference for shorter articles. However, as we continue this series of articles leading up to the celebration of UCSD’s 50th in 2010-2011, we hope to place more and more historical material online. And I hope you can access it or even add to it, there.

Raymond Hardie, Editor

In my long career, I have read many alumni publications, but your UCSD efforts were the best ever! I received my first copy (Vol.6:1) yesterday, and could not let it down until I had devoured all its diverse materials. The layout and content are outstanding!

Having relocated here from Penn State in 1970 as vice president of Copley Inter­national, I was fascinated by the story on the first chancellor, Dr. Herbert York. And, not surprisingly, with the publication of my latest book Space Enterprise, my favorite feature was “Final Frontier” about your alumna astronaut who will fly on the next Hubble mission. As a NASA Faculty Fellow at Cal Space and a space psychologist, I found Dr. Megan McArthur’s tale very interesting.

Thank you for this courtesy. Best wishes.

Phil Harris
La Jolla

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