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Features May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Revenge is Sweet


Marriage made in Heaven? Can two gods share a campus?

In our January issue we postulated the above proposition, and heard back from a number of you. Someone asserted that there was no competition between the Sun God and the Triton. However, the disputing opinions
of competing fan clubs soon dispelled that peaceful notion. One correspondent complained that we were diminishing the works by representing them in cartoon form. Another noted we were being partisan and that the Sun God would never turn and run from a mere salty son of the great god Poseidon. That accusation of partisanship stung, and so we decided to give our flighty friend his moment of revenge. Let us know what you think, and watch this space in the next issue for a possible conciliation. Send your thoughts to: alumnieditor@ucsd.edu or follow the “UCSD Alumni” fan page on Facebook.

Contributors to Making Waves: Jesse Alm '11, Tiffany Fox, Raymond Hardie, Daniel Kane, Andrea Siedsma