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Campus Currents

May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2


UCSD in the Toilet with NASA
“Right before our presentation to NASA, several people said, ‘Wow, that looks like a pee machine!’”


Personalized Cancer Treatments

It’s a technology that promises to one day allow drug delivery to be tailored to an individual patient and a particular cancer tumor.


College Chatter
A roundup of news from the six colleges.


Philip E. Bourne, a computational biologist and professor was presented with the 2009 Benjamin Franklin Award in April.


Let Me Sleep on It
Creative Problem Solving Enhanced by REM Sleep


Dear Benjamin…
Franklin Letters Found


Unique Islands
Plants and animals found on islands are often unique, which makes it imperative that we protect these isolated habitats.


Powering up with Pond Scum
New Center Aims to Bring About Algae-Powered Green Revolution


Screen Savers
Telemedicine Changes Lives Long Distance


New Oakland Bay Bridge

During Labor Day weekend, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was closed to traffic as Caltrans cut away a portion of the existing double-deck bridge at Yerba Buena Island, and connected a temporary detour. The entire operation was performed 150 feet in the air.


Dancing through the Decades

UCSD’s M.F.A. in Dance was Launched Last Fall


By the Numbers

  • 7 Ranking in Princeton Review’s ranking of best value U.S. public colleges.
  • 11.5 Percentage drop in freshmen admitted over fall 2008.

  • 94 Percentage of Preuss School ’09 grads heading to four-year colleges.
  • 10 Ranking of Preuss School in Newsweek’s list of U.S. public high schools.
  • 15 Ranking of UCSD’s School of Medicine in U.S. News & World Report’s list of nation’s 120 research-intensive medical school programs.
  • 12 National ranking of Jacobs School of Engineering by U.S. News.
  • 58 Number of MBAs graduated from The Rady School in June 2009.



November 11, 1999
A PLACE OF THEIR OWN—The UCSD Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Resource Center held a dedication ceremony on Monday to mark its long-awaited opening. The purpose of the center is to provide a safe environment for everyone at UCSD to explore sexual orientation and gender issues. The center will also promote campus diversity and provide information and referral services.

November 27, 1989
WHAT’S IN A NAME?—In preparation for Third College’s 20th anniversary, the issue of finding a “more meaningful” name for the college has come up once again. In response, Cecil Lytle, provost of Third College, has appointed a committee to advise him on the matter, and on Oct. 24 he sent an announcement to the Third College community requesting recommendations on the renaming of the college.

September 18, 1979
MARCUSE, ‘LEADER OF THE NEW LEFT,’ DIES—Herbert Marcuse, the philosopher whose impact on intellectual thought in this century gained him worldwide recognition, died on July 29 in Sternberg, Germany, ten days after his 81st birthday. He was described by Henry Allison, philosophy department chairman, as “the intellectual leader of the New Left.”

October 10, 1969
WAR MORATORIUM—Wednesday, Oct. 15 is international Vietnam Moratorium Day. Anti-war activities will take place in Revelle Plaza from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with off-campus guest speakers including Fred Crews, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Mario Savio. UCSD participants will include professors Frank Halpern, Herbert Marcuse, Paul Saltman and Jerome Skolnick.


A selection of UCSD research stories. For more visit: ucsdnews.ucsd.edu

Omnivorous Wasps A study by UCSD ecologists, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in July, has found that invasive yellowjacket wasps that have switched from annual to multiyear colonies are disrupting native populations of insects and spiders on two Hawaiian islands.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Christina Chambers, an associate professor of pediatrics at UCSD, is overseeing the first clinical trial of 600 pregnant women in Ukraine to see if prenatal choline, a nutrient, might help to reverse fetal brain damage caused by alcohol consumption.

Concealed Weapons A group of UCSD electrical engineers have invented radio frequency integrated circuits that could lead to significantly less expensive imaging systems for identifying concealed weapons. They presented their findings at an IEEE symposium in June.

Apple App In June, UCSD became the first public university in the nation to offer an iPhone application that provides mobile access to the latest information about its courses, faculty and athletics.

 Galactic-sized Particles According to a study in the May issue of Physical Review Letters, co-authored by George Fuller, a professor of physics, the oldest of the subatomic particles called neutrinos might each encompass a space larger than thousands of galaxies.

Methane and the Melt Analysis of Greenland ice led by Scripps researchers concluded that an expansion of wetlands, and not a large-scale melting of frozen methane deposits, is the likely cause of a spike in atmospheric methane gas that took place some 11,600 years ago.