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Giving Update May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Wellness at UC San Diego: Keeping Our Students Healthy

UC San Diego is internationally-renowned for its interdisciplinary approach to science and medicine. Now, the University is applying the same principles of collaboration to make an impact in another campus area - student wellness.  MORE


Fellowship Fund Honors UC San Diego Staff Leader

For nearly a decade, Stuart “Stu” Motter has been an integral part of the School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS). As the manager of the school’s computer lab he met and interacted with hundreds of students, faculty and staff on a daily basis. Motter served as mentor, coach and friend to many graduate students and could often be found in costume at student rallies and events.

“Stu has been in many ways the heart of the school,” said Kathleen Masey, a friend and former UC San Diego colleague. “His expertise, generosity and wonderful sense of humor kept most of us going on even the worst of days. This man is a real-life super-hero.”

Unfortunately, Motter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last year and stopped working to undergo treatment. To honor Stu as he recuperates at home, faculty, staff, alumni and students have ­established “The Stu Motter Fund,” which will provide fellowships (graduate scholarships) for IR/PS students who show commitment to community service, good will and hard work—just like Motter.

“I can’t think of a better way to pay tribute to the importance of Stu’s friendship and guidance,” said Ben Bahney ’06, IR/PS Alumni Association president. “A gift will not only honor an incredible member of the IR/PS family but will also help support students in their efforts to make a difference in their communities.”

A gift to The Stu Motter Fund can be made online at irps.ucsd.edu/stumotterfund. For more information, please call (858) 534-1957.

Bob Glushko, Ph.D. ’79

Quick Takes
Favorite place on campus as a student?
The sand volleyball courts where we played weekly

Most impactful professor?

David Rumelhart, Psychology

Biggest challenge at UC San Diego?

Moving away … to New Jersey for my first job.

While most people count themselves fortunate to have one successful career in their lifetime, Bob Glushko, Ph.D. ’79 has had the rare privilege of having three.

“I have been a researcher, an entrepreneur and now I’m an academic,” said Glushko, who is currently an adjunct full professor at UC Berkeley’s School of Information.

After receiving his doctorate in Cog­ni­tive Psychology at UC San Diego, Glushko began his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories where he concentrated on electronic publishing and document management. He continued working in research and development with various companies before engaging his entrepreneurial spirit in the 1990s. He went on to establish four companies, including Veo Systems, which pioneered the use of XML, a technology that revolutionized electronic business.

In 2002, Glushko decided to take a break from the fast pace of Silicon Valley and re-focus his energies elsewhere. He was soon offered a teaching position at UC Berkeley. In addition to his duties as an ­adjunct professor, Glushko also directs Document Engineer­ing Services, an international consortium of expert consultants in standards for electronic business.

Among his proudest accomplishments is establishing the David E. Rumelhart Prize with his wife, Pamela Samuelson. The annual prize honors scholars who have made important contributions to the theoretical foundations of human cognition. Often referred to as the “Nobel Prize in Cognitive Science,” Glushko named the award in honor of David Rumelhart, his thesis advisor and mentor at UCSD.  Jeff Elman, UC San Diego’s dean of Social Sciences, is the 2007 recipient of the prestigious prize.

Glushko has also made a series of charitable gifts to UC San Diego’s department of Cognitive Science, establishing graduate fellowships and a distinguished lecture series. His one-to-one matching gift, which challenged other alumni and friends to support the department, raised more than $300,000.

You’ve said you have had three careers.
Any favorites?

I’ve enjoyed them all, so I’d have to say I’ve been pretty lucky.

What do you enjoy about academia?
While I’m not a “real professor” like my wife, who is on the faculty at the Berkeley law school, I enjoy having time to do research. I even found the time to co-author a book, when I hardly had the time to read one before.

Why have you remained connected with UC San Diego?
UCSD was good to me and I enjoyed being there. It was a nurturing place to which I’m happy to give back.

Why do you choose to support graduate students?
I can see what my gifts accomplish. I get letters from students thanking me for the fellowship support they receive—I can see the impact. It’s great to be able to help.

The Campaign for UCSD: Imagine What's Next

Recent Gifts

Carol Vassiliadis recently donated $1.5 million to the Moores UCSD Cancer Center to support its Healthy Eating and Living Program (healthy eatingucsd.org). The innovative program helps individuals successfully adopt and maintain healthy eating and living patterns, designed to prevent and control diseases like cancer.

The UC San Diego Medical Center’s neonatal intensive care unit, which cares for many of the region’s most ­premature and critically ill infants, received $400,000 from the San Diego Nice Guys organization. The funds will help purchase special high-tech beds for some of UC San Diego’s tiniest patients. For more information, visit health.ucsd.edu/women/nicu.

Thanks to an “Inno­vation Generation Grant” from Motorola Foundation, the Division of Physical Sciences will work with students from local high schools to introduce them to hands-on, practical applications for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. As part of the project, students will produce biodiesel from waste vegetable oil taken from their school cafeterias. 

UC San Diego has experienced the loss of several ­campus leaders, including founding chancellor Herbert York, campus supporter Ellen Revelle, Nobel laureate Clive W.J. Granger and geophysicist George G. Shor, Jr.

To make a memorial gift, visit givetoucsd.ucsd.edu, and key in the name of the individual you would like to honor in the “Search” functionality on the Gifts Designation webpage. You may also call (858) 534-1410 for assistance.

Learn More
For more information on giving to UCSD, please visit www.giving.ucsd.edu, email giving@ucsd.edu or call the Office of Development at 858-534-1610.