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Up Front May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

On November 18, 1985, UC President Clark Kerr delivered the welcoming speech in celebration of UCSD’s 25th anniversary. Titled A Marvel Inside a Miracle, his address charted the remarkable journey of our campus through its then 25 short years of existence. He concluded by stating that only five universities since the founding of Harvard had entered the foremost ranks of academe: Cornell, Johns Hopkins, the University of Chicago, Stanford and the University of California, San Diego.


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Letters to the editor

I enjoyed Chris Stiehl’s letter in the May issue of @UCSD. Many of us from the early days of both Revelle and Muir have great stories that will soon be lost as our peers age and pass on. It would be great if we could encourage alumni from that period to share their stories. They are pretty colorful and help to create the flavor of what shaped UCSD.

Danny Spellen’s concerts…the tunnel parties…the liberation of the pool…the many unofficial celebrations on top of Muir’s apartments…the Coast Cruiser and of course “Heavy” Palcic not to mention “Billie London” who mothered UCSD’s student government, plus Tom Shepard and the incorporation of Del Mar. Since I served on 10 undergraduate campus planning committees, I, too, have lots of old stories. Let me know if you want them.
Fred B. Fruchthendler, Muir ’73

Thanks Chris Stiehl for the May letter. Yes, back in the ’60s, UCSD was such a different place. My favorite memories were probably playing intramural football and softball. With no official school team, pretty much everyone played. I remember the Mudhens, BOI, the Black Students’ Union, DeAnza, the Purple Gophers, and my Truckers and Stumblers. One of my roommates was on the once-only school football team, and I assure you he was tough and wasn’t responsible for their nine losses.  As the only driver in one dorm, I usually drove into town at night for snacks, with pea-soup fog so thick you couldn’t see the hood on the car, guessing where Torrey Pines Road was. I wasn’t close to many teachers, but some were great, such as lectures from Linus Pauling in chemistry and Herbert York on arms control. I fortunately worked one year at SIO with the gracious Andy Benson of the Calvin-Benson cycle; we published a paper in Science, starting my research career. Thanks for everything, UCSD.
Richard Sauerheber, Revelle ’71, Ph.D. ’76


Letters to the editor


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