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Up Front May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

On November 18, 1985, UC President Clark Kerr delivered the welcoming speech in celebration of UCSD’s 25th anniversary. Titled A Marvel Inside a Miracle, his address charted the remarkable journey of our campus through its then 25 short years of existence. He concluded by stating that only five universities since the founding of Harvard had entered the foremost ranks of academe: Cornell, Johns Hopkins, the University of Chicago, Stanford and the University of California, San Diego.

The significance of this speech 25 years ago is even more relevant today. As we prepare for our 50th anniversary in fall 2010, we have a tremendous opportunity to join together as a community and celebrate, but also to give back to our alma mater in a multitude of ways. This is our time to ensure that this visionary academic institution will maintain its excellence for centuries to come. And in a very important way it is our responsibility because, as the largest and most permanent stakeholders of UCSD, alumni are the voice and soul of our University.

And let there be no mistake, these are the most challenging of times. As Chancellor Fox clearly expresses in her interview (page 18), much is at stake for the whole UC system, and even the future of all higher education in the United States. It is a time when UCSD needs the voice and support of its alumni.

So as you read through this issue of @UCSD, I hope the stories and articles express how UC San Diego continues to excel on every frontier. More importantly, I hope it reminds you about your own time on campus and inspires you to see how it should remain relevant in your life today. Reading the article in “Looking Back” by Brittan Trozzi, ’01 (page 56) caused me to reflect on those moments during my own ­student years when deep friendships were forged and knowledge was something you acquired not only in the lecture rooms or labs. When we meet alumni at reunions and other events, we hear similar stories—how their student experiences still have a profound impact on their lives today.

Your Alumni Association was established to serve you and provide a consistent link between you and UCSD. In 2008-09, we launched a series of inaugural programs including three signature alumni weekends in fall, winter and spring. Over 4,000 alumni returned to campus, and another 3,000 joined together as alumni communities around the country. We were also privileged in June to once again welcome nearly 6,000 graduates to our alumni family—now over 130,000 strong.

As more alumni reconnect with UCSD than ever before, I invite you to join our vibrant network. Hop into the alumni community on Facebook and say hello to a friend, or make time to browse the LinkedIn community, either making a connection or helping fellow alumni reach their potential. And as you do it, remember that each gesture and every act of giving back matters. Your participation and contribution will not only strengthen the Triton network, but it may also provide you with many pleasant and unexpected surprises, as well as a sense of satisfaction and joy.

President Clark Kerr told us in 1985 that UCSD is a precious gift to the world, and Chancellor Fox reminds us that our University needs us more than ever. Please consider ways you can contribute to UCSD and be part of the Marvel Inside a Miracle, as Kerr so succinctly described it—especially now.

The UCSD Alumni Association Board of Directors along with my staff are eager to hear from you. Get in touch with us, share your thoughts and interests, and let us know what you expect from your alma mater.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Armin Afsahi, ’90
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Executive Director, UCSD Alumni Association


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