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Class Notes May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Member Spotlight
Michael Holmes, Marshall 93

Michael Holmes thought he’d be a writer or work in local ­government. But when he went to UCSD and became involved with Associated Students of UCSD as a student advocate and president, he realized that he wanted a career in law.

“As Student Advocate, I was the ‘student lawyer’ on ­campus who represented students in their disputes with the University administration and faculty,” he says, “and as a ­result I started to think seriously about a career in law for
the first time.”

In his role as AS president, Holmes found that he had to ­settle many disputes between faculty and students—most ­notably one involving on-campus student co-ops. The University administration threatened to shut down co-ops ­because of the groups’ failure to buy insurance or keep the University updated with copies of their finances.

“This was unacceptable to me—the co-ops were important to students not only because they were student-run and operated, but because they provided valuable and economical services to students,” Holmes says.

With the help of AS and an attorney, Holmes helped develop a settlement agreement between the University, the co-ops, the AS and graduate students over the course of nine months.

Today, Holmes’ practice focuses on business and real property litigation, handling landlord-tenant issues and unfair business competition. He now works at Allen Matkins Leck Gamble Mallory & Natsis LLP in their downtown San Diego branch, and continues to stay connected to the University.

“I became a life member almost immediately after graduation,” Holmes says. “After all the time and energy students put into their education and campus activities, I think most want to stay connected after graduation.”

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Sarah Alaoui, Sixth 12