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Giving Update May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2


Lending a Hand: Students Make a Difference Through Philanthropy

Even while faced with rising educational and living costs, many students are rallying to help each other and those less fortunate, from supporting relief efforts in Haiti to funding scholarships to ensure that ­students of all social and economic backgrounds can ­attend UC San Diego. MORE


Inventing the Future

There’s no doubt about it. Supporting a student with an undergraduate scholarship or graduate fellowship can profoundly affect a person’s life. Just ask Julia Brown, a donor and trustee of the UC San Diego Foundation.
“I was a scholarship recipient when I went to college,” she recalls. “It made such a difference in the way my own life turned out that I decided that was the way I wanted to give back.”

Brown established the Julia Brown Undergraduate Scholarship at UCSD which helps propel students toward medical degrees, Ph.D.s and noteworthy careers.
Jessica Chuang is one such student. A third-year undergraduate majoring in human biology with minors in theatre, and health care and social issues, Chuang plans to go to medical school and has benefited greatly from scholarship support.

“What’s so great about the Julia Brown Schol­arship is that it’s a merit-based scholarship for students to do research at UCSD,” she says.

Chuang adds: “Donors should know that when you give to UC San Diego it gives students opportunities to further their education and help broaden their interests and find the future career that they’re passionate about.”

And it’s not just undergraduates who benefit greatly from student support. Graduate students also benefit from the opportunities afforded to them by fellowships.

Sara Garcia is pursuing her M.F.A. degree in acting thanks to the help of the Baizer Family Fellowship. The fellowship was established in the Department of Theatre and Dance by alumni Robert Baizer, ’87, and Diane Jacobs, ’86, Ph.D. ’91.

“Establishing the fellowship seemed like a great way to bring talented students to the University,” says Baizer. “It is an investment we’re making in the future of these students and the arts.” Garcia is extremely grateful. “I wouldn’t be able to attend graduate school if not for fellowship support. I am so thankful for this opportunity.”

To learn more about how you can invent the future or view video clips of Julia, Jessica and others, please visit www.InventTheFuture.ucsd.edu.

Honoring Our Founding Chancellor

In honor of the late Herb York, founding chancellor of UC San Diego, the Office of Gift Planning has changed the name of its donor recognition group from “Legacy Society” to “York Society.”

The York Society acknowledges individuals who provide essential philanthropic support to the University through annuities, bequests, trusts and other planned gifts.  York was a UC San Diego professor and administrator, a world-renowned physicist and ambassador for peace. 

To learn more, please visit www.giftplanning.ucsd.edu.


The Campaign for UCSD: Imagine What's Next

Recent Gifts

Joan and Irwin Jacobs, with their family, have pledged $75 million to UC San Diego Health System to build the Jacobs Medical Center on UC San Diego’s east campus in La Jolla. The 10-story facility ­adjacent to Thornton Hospital will integrate basic science, technology and ­clinical research with health care delivery to improve
the lives of patients. For more information on supporting the new center, visit www.health.ucsd.edu/Jacobs.

Bill Scripps recently donated $100,000 to launch a ­campaign to bring lighting to the UC San Diego baseball field.  The entire project will cost $450,000. To help, please visit www.givetoathletics.ucsd.edu.

Adele and Theodore Shank—faculty emeriti in the Department of Theatre and Dance—recently gave $100,000 to establish the Adele and Theodore Shank Professional Playwriting Residency Award Fund.

Learn More
For more information on giving to UCSD, please visit www.giving.ucsd.edu, email giving@ucsd.edu or call the Office of Development at 858-534-1610.


Taner Halicioglu, ’96

Taner Halicioglu, ’96, graduated from UC San Diego’s Revelle College with a major in computer science. He went on to work at several Silicon Valley start-ups before joining eBay in 2002. Two years later, Halicioglu moved to Facebook as the company’s first non-founding employee. As the senior operations engineer for what has become the world’s most trafficked website, Halicioglu’s job was to ensure that the Facebook network ran smoothly.

Earlier this year, Halicioglu returned to Southern California to work with Irvine-based, Blizzard Entertainment, a company known for games including World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo. He is helping build the next-generation platform that will unify the company’s online games—which boast more than 12 million active accounts worldwide.

With a passion for helping others succeed, Halicioglu has returned to UC San Diego to talk to students about career opportunities. Thanks to his assistance, the Triton Engineering Student Council upgraded its rudimentary work area to an industrial-quality lab space for developing design projects. Last year, when a team of engineering students qualified for IBM’s “Battle of the Brains” World Finals in Stockholm, Sweden, Halicioglu came through again. He covered the travel costs associated with sending the students to the international computer programming competition. 

You’ve given back to help students succeed.  Why?
Not to sound cliché, but students really are our future.  I feel that I’m paying it forward by doing this. UC San Diego helped me become who I am and gave me the tools to succeed. I feel it’s important to give back to ensure others can continue to have the same opportunities.

What advice would you give fellow alums about giving back?
If you can afford to help, do it. Give back to the areas you connect with the most, and stay in touch. You never know when you might hear about an opportunity that is right up your alley. And often, it’s an opportunity to come to campus and talk to students about the “real world,” which I believe can invigorate and drive students a great deal.

What benefits have you received from staying involved?
My reward is the thanks that I receive from students and faculty. Nothing beats seeing the looks on students’ faces when you talk to them about subjects that interest them, or when you have done something that has impacted them positively. I enjoy being able to help others succeed.

Quick Takes
Favorite campus hangout?
Price Center—Round Table or Cafe Roma.

Favorite memory at UCSD?
I have so many fond memories, it is hard to choose. They all boil down to the friends I made, and the fun times we had together.

What do you know now, that you wish you knew then?
I wish I knew how much I would appreciate the professors for teaching me all the things I learned.