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May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

at | UCSD is a publication of the UCSD Alumni Association. For more about the Association, visit our homepage or read about us.

Editor Raymond Hardie
Associate Editor Malinda Danziger, '00
Art Direction Patera Design
@UCSD Online   Steven Wakabayashi, '11
Contributing Editors Ginny McCormick, Paula Thomas, ’87
Editorial Intern Sarah Alaoui, '11
Contributing Writers

Mario Aguiera, '89, Susan Brown, Shannon Casey, '03, Christine Clark, '06, Dolores Davies, Jade Griffin, '03, Cheryl Harris, Debra Kain, Daniel Kane, Inga Kiderra, Keri Peckham, Judy Piercey, Doug Ramsey, Annie Reisewitz, Andrea Seidsma, AnnaMaria Stephens, '97, Sylvia Tiersten

Editorial Advisory Committee   Jack Beresford, ’88, Derek Danziger, ’95, Sandra Daley, M.D. '75, Pamela Ann Hardy-McFarland, '97, Michele Humphrey, Inga Kiderra, Judy Piercey, Roger Showley, ’70
Advertising Janine Manchel, @UCSD online
Publisher Armin Afsahi, '90
Officers   Sheldon Engelhorn, ’72 (president), Ira Rubenstein, ’87 (president-
elect), Teresa Young, ’74 (treasurer), Karen Moraghan, ’81
(secretary), Chris Arrott, ’80 (officer-at-large), Annamarie
Bezzerides, ’91 (officer-
at-large), Tony Fiori, ’98,
Directors   Marc Bernard, ’79, Neville Billioria, '82, Michelle Brega, ’93, John Edson, ’92, Karen Garsson, '88, Tony Jackson, '74, Joe Leventhal, '99, John Liu, '87, Mark Neville, '93, Matt Newsome, ’91, Pam Palisoul, ’72, Bill Proffer, ’76, M.S. ’78, Colette Rudd, ’73, Gregory Stein, ’83, M.B.A. ’06 , Frederick Ufkes, ’79, Otis Watson, ’76, Rachel York, ’71
Ex-Officio Members   Armin Afsahi, '90 (UCSD Alumni Association Executive Director), Emily Deere, '90 (Staff Alumni), Mark Diamond, ’87 (Immediate Past President), Kevin Forrester, ’80 (General Council), Brandon Freeman, '04 (Young Alumni Council), Priyam Ahuja, '11 (Associated Students), Steve Relyea (Vice Chancellor of External and Business Affairs), Steve Shreiner, '80 (Former Alumni Regent), Tracy Johnson, '91 (Academic Senate)

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