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Up Front May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

I am always grateful for the letters, pictures and UCSD memorabilia so many of you send to the Alumni Association. Your memories of UCSD fuel our passion and inspire us to continue delivering programs and services to strengthen your connection to UCSD.

A few weeks ago, I was privileged to receive yet another treasure from fellow Revelle College alumnus, Louis Liang, ’69. The envelope contained the original Revelle College By-Laws drafted in 1969, an issue of Triton Times with the cover story of “Racial Discussion Ends in Confrontation,” and an original copy of the 1963 UCSD Long Range Development Plan. But perhaps the most exciting for us was a letter dated September 19, 1969, signed by Larry Baker, Revelle ’68, and Hervey Sweetwood, Revelle ’69, inviting the then, very small group of UCSD graduates to join the “UCSD Honorary Alumni Association” for a modest annual fee of $5.

I remember receiving my first invitation to join the Alumni Association just after graduation.  To be honest, I had a hard time balancing a potential relationship with UCSD with all that awaited me—from finding a job to paying student loans. But for some reason I did join, becoming a Life Member. Soon afterward, I attended the Alumni Awards for Excellence and ran into a classmate who told me about a company he was starting. That job, and the next, and every single ­career move I have made since, including this job as executive director of the Alumni Association has been influenced directly by other UCSD alumni. When people ask me what I do, my visceral ­response is something like this: “I have a privileged job that I love, and that keeps me connected to incredible people, and future generations of game changers.” Can it get any better than that? I am what you may consider a “hyper-engaged” alumnus. I love what UCSD stands for and how it changes lives. I cannot imagine being part of anything greater than this.

Wherever you are in your lives, I hope you can pause and rediscover your connection to UCSD inside yourself. I ask you to do this because next fall the University and all of us alumni will celebrate UCSD’s 50th anniversary. It is a special milestone for any organization, but when you ­examine the meteoric rise UCSD has had in its first 50 years, the achievement of this extraordinary University is unparalleled, undeniable and unrivaled. Alumni are UCSD’s largest and most permanent constituency. We want you to celebrate this grand, year-long occasion with us, and have planned many programs and events either on campus or near you. Most importantly, we want to hear from you, and share your stories and photographs. I want to thank every one of you who contributed your time, treasure or talent to UCSD over this last year. The recent transformative gift from Joan and Irwin Jacobs is an inspiration to us all—an investment in our University, its alumni, and the community of which we are a part. We are also heartened because we continue to see a rise in the number of alumni advocates, volunteers and donors. As you contemplate your own resources, please keep UCSD on your list. Alumni are the future of our great University, and your participation is imperative.

I look forward to seeing you during Alumni Weekend and invite you to visit alumni.ucsd.edu and 50th.ucsd.edu for a complete overview of programs and events.

Armin Afsahi, Publisher
Revelle ’90, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Executive Director, UCSD Alumni Association

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A c c o l a d e s

Excuse this brief interruption while we take a moment to congratulate ourselves. The UCSD Alumni Association was recognized in three different categories by the Council for the Advance­ment and Support of Education (CASE) at the CASE District VII conference in San Francisco, in November.

The Association won three Awards of Excellence for its creative use of technology, new programs and general interest magazine. It received a gold medal award for its innovative “AlumnIdea” crowdsourcing microsite that allows alumni to give interactive feedback; a gold medal award for the “Discovery Ambassador Initiative,” a program that reconnects alumni with the University; and a silver medal award for the magazine, which we hope you are happily perusing.