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Campus Currents May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Breaking-into Guides

A mentorship program for students interested in careers in finance.

With an eye on careers in finance, three alumni created the UCSD Financial Professionals Network (FPN), the first alumni professionals mentorship program in the University of California system. Sebastian Badea, Marshall ’03, Eric Darwin, Roosevelt ’05, and Arpan Agrawal, Revelle ’08, formed the organization in 2008 to help strengthen the UC San Diego brand on Wall Street and in the world of high finance by creating a strong career-driven network between alumni and students.

The group’s website, ucsdfpn.org, provides various resources for students including “breaking-into guides” with tips on how to enter various sectors of the financial field, as well as tools for writing resumes and cover letters, etc. Once students are accepted into the club through a comprehensive application system, they are automatically connected with an alum who will serve as a mentor in his or her respective industry. On average, they accept 25 applications each quarter.

“The mentee-mentor relationship is the quintessential piece for any student trying to break into finance. It encompasses resume critique, industry knowledge, day-to-day lifestyle, and interview prepping,” says club administrator, Nader Daylami, Roosevelt ’10. Using the advice he received from his mentor, Morgan Stanley
analyst Anish Jina, Warren ’06, Daylami received an offer from the company’s investment banking division. He will start the position after graduating this year.

Currently, in partnership with the Alumni Association, FPN is focusing on increasing their presence on campus as well as recruiting mentors in other fields of finance.
“This organization will help build a network for mentees interested in
finance—a network of graduates who can offer their two cents about the field because they’ve just experienced breaking into it,” says Jina.

If there are any alumni who are interested in becoming mentors, please contact

Nader Daylami at: naderdaylami@gmail.com.

—Sarah Alaoui, ’12