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Campus Currents May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

The Mack ’N Biz

Two UCSD students rap about everything.

“We spit ridiculous, Kodak couldn’t picture this,” boasts the ­chorus of one of The Mack ’N Biz’s catchy rhymes.

Translation: Our rhymes are so unbelievably great that even Kodak couldn’t ­visualize such greatness.

AJ Baltazar, Muir ’10, and Andy McNamara, Warren ’10, known as the rap duo Mack ’N Biz, enjoyed their first large-scale performance in February, when they raised almost $1,000 for the leukemia charity, “Tyler’s Team” at Porter’s Pub. They have been featured on various sites such as Dat Piff and Pure Volume and their tapes are available to download at themacknbiz.com.

The two met while rushing the Sigma Nu fraternity three years ago and only a few months later The Mack ’N Biz was born—the title stemming from their respective nicknames “AJ Biz” and “Andy Mack.” Since then, they have recorded roughly 30 to 40 songs, two mixtapes and are currently working on their third. Their lyrics take the listener into the mind of the average college student, covering everything from girls to hobbies and aspirations.

“We definitely rap about our time at UCSD because how could you not rap about the best times of your life?” Baltazar says.  

McNamara, an economics major, is working toward a minor in music, with a focus on the history of music. Baltazar is a major in the Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Program with a focus on various aspects of music technology. The two plan to move to Los Angeles after graduation to make more connections in the music industry.

“I hope that AJ and I can have the opportunity to continue to rock crowds and make good music for all of our past, present and future fans,” McNamara says.

—Sarah Alaoui, ’12