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Campus Currents May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

College Chatter

Revelle 101
On March 12, students at Revelle College celebrated Roger Revelle’s 101st birthday with a barbeque featuring carnival games and a cake-cutting ceremony. “We always make a point to invite members of the Revelle family,” said Shannon Campbell, co-chair of the Revelle Programming Board. “They are always very gracious and willing to mingle with members of the Revelle community.”

UC San Diego’s first college-sponsored festival organized entirely by students, celebrated its 10th anniversary in April, with live bands, inflatable games, a rock climbing wall and a free barbeque. The festival, in honor of Earth Week and Muir College’s commitment to sustainability, was a zero-waste event with the first 400 attendees receiving re-usable tote bags.

African-American Minor
The African-American Studies Minor (AASM), sponsored by Thurgood Marshall College, was established in fall 2005. The curriculum is designed to provide students with an introduction to the dynamic life experiences of African-Americans. AASM is open to all undergraduate students. The program also hosts various events and activities on campus, including film screenings, discussion forums, guest speakers (including writer and actor Hill Harper, shown right), resident artists and seminars. 

Street Fare
During the winter quarter, students from Earl Warren College participated in “Taking it to the Streets,” an urban cultural celebration that showcased the Bronx, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The street-type experience was replicated with four stations offering foods representative of each city, from pizza to hot dogs. Limited seating and street sounds gave a boisterous, claustrophobic feel reminiscent of an urban setting.

SLAM stands for Spontaneous Laughter, Art and Music—and all those elements are included in the monthly open-mic night hosted by Eleanor Roosevelt College. The tradition began in 2000 and has become a showcase for budding singers, instrumentalists, stand-up comedians and spoken-word artists from all six colleges.

Each spring, Sixers indulge in everything chocolate at the Sixth College’s annual chocolate fest. The event features chocolate fountains, sweet and savory dipping treats and loads of chocolate-themed games and activities. Students dip marshmallows, doughnuts, strawberries and candies in free-flowing chocolate fountains, and play games such as “chocolate milk pong” and “chocolate jeopardy.”