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Class Notes May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Member Spotlight
Vera Skop, Muir 75

Once a student who relished the hours spent researching at Central Library, Vera Skop, Muir ’75, has kept her passion for fact-finding alive through her job as a system coordinator for the Serra Cooperative Library. Her position allows her to interact with all 14 of the public library systems in San Diego and Imperial Counties, further indulging her curiosity and fascination with books.

At UCSD, Skop was a literature major and Spanish literature minor—two fields that kept her engrossed.

“I had a bad habit of spending way too much time looking for information and not giving myself enough time to write my papers,” Skop says.

During her college years, she also worked as a part-time clerk in the Special Collections department of Central Library where she was encouraged to go to graduate school by the reference librarians, and ended up attending the University of Toronto.

Her devotion to libraries does not stem solely from her personal interest in books but rather from a wider belief that libraries are integral to democracy. Skop strongly believes that by providing individuals with free access to information libraries help create an informed public and therefore informed voters.

“What other place, physical or virtual, has information from all points of view, from all historical perspectives, and now in all kinds of formats?” she points out.

As a commuter student at UCSD, Skop has fond memories of “reading, reading and more reading of the world’s treasures.”  Through her discussions with professors and fellow students, she says she was able to learn about the world, about herself, and about growing up.

“UCSD has always been on the honor roll of great educational institutions and I am proud to call it my alma mater,” Skop says. “It’s the role and responsibility of alumni to help out the generations who follow us and the Alumni Association is fulfilling that role brilliantly.”

For more information go to: alumni.ucsd.edu/membership.

Sarah Alaoui, Sixth 12