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Campus Currents May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Transfer Village

A record number of new students, 2,560, transferred to UC San Diego this fall. That is about 1,000 more than came last year and about three times the number in 1999. And approximately 90 percent of the class are from California community colleges, helping to diversify the student population on campus.

"We deliberately made the decision and are trying to increase the number of transfer students we accept," says Mae Brown, director of admissions at UC San Diego. "It is the University's goal to have a student population that reflects California's demographics. We recognize that the community college population is naturally diverse, by race, age and income."

This year's crop of new transfer students do not have to worry about missing out on the college experience. They have the option of living in the University's new apartment housing, The Village at Torrey Pines, which was built specifically for transfers. The neighborhood consists of eight buildings, one of which is a 14-story high-rise with incredible ocean views.

"There is a huge demand for student housing," says Mark Cunningham, director of UC San Diego's Housing, Dining and Hospitality. "The campus' goal is to provide a guarantee of two years of on-campus housing to all incoming transfer students."

The Village, currently tracking LEED Gold certification, is one of the most innovative and energy-efficient student housing complexes. The unique design of the buildings allows the ocean breeze to come up through the complex's hallways and dorms, removing the need for air conditioning. And as an incentive to keep energy consumption as low as possible, each student in the new Village apartments receives an individual electricity bill.

All of the resident apartment homes feature modern amenities and a chic design aesthetic. The best part? They're affordable and in a prime location—right on campus.

—Christine Clark, '06