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Features May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Alumni Leaders
By Claire Caraska, Marshall '02, Malinda Danziger, Marshall '00, Mary Johnson; Illustrations by Ian Wallace, M.F.A. '11

UCSD Alumni has selected these alumni leaders from its enormous pool of talented and successful graduates to represent the University's amazing half-century of growth. They will be honored at the UCSD Alumni Celebration: 50 years. 50 leaders, in June.

1960-2010 - the  journey continues

The successes of our alumni constantly remind us that UC San Diego is more than a place, it is a state of mind. UCSD not only imparts knowledge, it teaches its students how to think, and UCSD alumni bring those cognitive abilities into the world and make it a better place.

The alumni whose portraits grace the following pages will be feted during the 50th Anniversary Alumni Celebration on June 18. They have changed and are changing the world. Their successes span the spectrum of careers from biotech to literature, and include entrepreneurs, artists and politicians. Even so, they are just a narrow slice, a sliver, of the 130,000 alumni who have graduated through the years. They are the vanguard of the UCSD generations who have helped change the world.

In celebrating them, we are celebrating all UCSD alumni.

UCSD Alumni wishes to thank the nominating committee, which
included Armin Afsahi ’90, John Cambon Ph.D. ’74, Sheldon Engelhorn ’72, Susan Hart Ph.D. ’86, David Marchick ’88, Pamela Palisoul ’72, William Proffer ’76, M.S. ’78.

Robert Akin, Revelle ’74, M.S. ’77, Ph.D. ’83; Co-founded Cymer, Inc., with Richard Sandstrom (2), Revelle ’72, M.S. ’76, Ph.D. ’79; the company is a leader in deep-ultraviolet photolithography systems

Bill Atkinson, Revelle ’74;
Member of the original Apple Macintosh development team who designed/implemented HyperCard

Carol Becker, Ph.D. ’75;
Dean of the School of the Arts at Columbia University, professor and author of numerous articles and books

Robert Berlinger, M.F.A. ’83; Director, television and theater, whose work includes directing episodes of The West Wing, Arrested Development and Third Rock from the Sun

Patricio Bernal, Scripps
Ph.D. ’80; Oceanographer,
former assistant director-general of UNESCO and executive secretary of the Inter­governmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC)

Kirsten Brandt, Muir ’94; Award-winning director, producer and playwright whose portfolio includes countless productions, from world premieres of new plays to Shakespearean classics

Kurt Campbell, Muir ’80; Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, co-founder/former CEO of Center for a New American Security

Carolyn Chase, Revelle ’78; CEO of San Diego Earthworks, environmentalist and founder of San Diego Earth Day

Gary Curtis, Revelle ’69; President and CEO of Percutaneous Systems, Inc., and over a dozen other biotech companies

George DeVries, Muir ’84; Chairman, president and CEO of American Specialty Health, the nation’s largest organization for complementary and alternative health care

Brian Druker, Revelle ’77, M.D. ’81; Inventor of cancer-fighting drug, ST1571, precursor to Gleevec, and recipient of the 2009 Lasker Award

Donald Eigler, Revelle ’75, Ph.D. ’84; Physicist, leading nanotechnology researcher and IBM Fellow who demonstrated the manipulation of individual atoms with atomic-scale precision

Sheldon Engelhorn, Revelle ’72; Co-founder, NOVEX, a scientific testing materials company that later merged with Invitrogen

Jodi Finkel, M.P.I.A. ’92; Humanitarian and co-founder of nonprofit MuJER (Mujeres por la Justicia, Educacion, and Reconocimiento)

Robert Glushko, M.A. ’76, Ph.D. ’79; Researcher, entre­preneur and co-founder of Veo Systems, which pioneered the use of XML for electronic business

David Goeddel, Revelle ’72; Bio-researcher elected to the National Academy of Sciences for successfully using genetic engineering to coax bacteria into creating synthetic human insulin

Larry Goldstein, Revelle ’76; Geneticist whose lab provided the first molecular descriptions of kinesin structure and organization, shedding light on Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases

Larry Groupé, M.F.A. ’81; Emmy-winning film and television score composer, whose work includes  Commander in Chief and Line of Fire

Taner Halicioglu, Revelle ’96; Computer scientist who was the first employee hired to build the entire initial hardware infrastructure of Facebook

Steve Hart, M.A. ’80;
Co-founder and chief technical officer, ViaSat Inc., a global satellite communications company

Khaled Hosseini, M.D. ’93;  Award-winning international best-selling author of The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, named Goodwill Envoy to the U.N. High Commission on Refugees

Naomi Iizuka, M.F.A ’92; Award-winning playwright and head of playwriting, UCSD Department of Theatre & Dance

Gary Jacobs, Revelle ’79;  Chairman and CEO, Jacobs Investment; chair and co-founder of High Tech High, HTH Learning and HTH Foundation

Kim Jones, Muir ’77; Executive director and board chair of nonprofit Curriki, former president and managing director of Sun Microsystems (U.K. and Ireland)

Lucy Killea, Ph.D. ’75; Former California State Senator and highest ranking woman in the history of U.S. Intelligence Service during World War II

John Knauss, Scripps Ph.D. ’59; Founding dean of the Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island

Robert Koenigsberger, Muir ’87; Founder, managing partner and chief investment officer at investment firm Gramercy

Ken Kroner, Ph.D. ’88; Former chief investment officer of BlackRock Inc. and former faculty member at the University of Arizona

Frank Longo, Muir ’77, M.D. ’81, Ph.D. ’83; Leading researcher in Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders, pioneered the use of a device to remove blood clots that cause strokes

Kim MacConnel, Muir ’69, M.F.A. ’72; Groundbreaking visual artist whose mixed-media works incorporating painting, sculpture and textiles have been exhibited internationally

Eleanor “Connie” Mariano (32), Revelle ’77; First Filipino-American to reach the rank of Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, first woman named director of the White House Medical Unit and chief physician to three sitting presidents

K. Megan McArthur, Scripps Ph.D. ’02; NASA astronaut who served as a mission specialist on the space shuttle Atlantis’ final mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope

Marcia McNutt, Scripps Ph.D. ’78; Geophysicist, first woman director of the U.S. Geological Survey, formerly CEO of Monterey Bay Aquarium

Walter Munk, Scripps Ph.D. ’47; Renowned oceanographer pioneered research on relations between winds and ocean circulation, coining the widely used term “wind-driven gyres”

Donald Murphy, Revelle ’75; President and CEO of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, former deputy director of the National Park Service

Clyde Ostler, Revelle ’68; Wells Fargo executive since 1971, most recently serving as group executive vice president and head of private client services

Rusty Preisendorfer, Revelle ’78; Founder of Rusty, one of the best known trademarks in surfing and a multi-million dollar company with global licenses for surfboards and apparel

Peter Preuss, M.A. ’67; Former UC Regent, founder and former chairman of Integrated Software, envisioned creation of the Preuss Charter School on the UCSD campus

LaVerne Ragster, Ph.D. ’80;   First woman president of the University of the Virgin Islands, noted conservationist, research scientist and professor

Tim Roemer, Muir ’79; Former Indiana Congressman, member of the 9/11 Commission and current Ambassador to India

Maurizio Seracini, Revelle ’73; Art diagnostician and bioengineer who discovered hidden drawings under Leonardo da Vinci’s painting, Adoration of the Magi

Joyce Cutler Shaw, M.F.A. ’72; Artist whose diverse body of work has been exhibited internationally in museums, library collections and public sites

John Shoven, Revelle ’69; Wallace R. Hawley Director of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, former consultant to the U.S. Treasury

John Slaughter, Ph.D. ’71; Former chancellor of the University of Maryland and past president of Occidental College

Judith Swain, M.D. ’74; Former dean for translational medicine at UCSD School of Medicine, current executive director of the Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences

Susumu Tonegawa, Ph.D. ’68; Recipient of the Nobel Prize for his discovery of the genetic principle for generation of antibody diversity

Bud Tribble, Revelle ’75; Member of the original Apple Macintosh software development team who helped design the Mac operating system and user interface 

Gunars Valkirs, Revelle ’74, Ph.D. ’82; Inventor of the first rapid, visual pregnancy test–a precursor to today’s over-the-counter kit–who holds 30 patents

J. Craig Venter, Muir ’72, Ph.D. ’75; Founder of the Institute for Genomic Research, instrumental in mapping the human genome and named by TIME as one of the 100 most influential people in the world

Al Zollar, M.A. ’76; IT pioneer and executive leader at IBM who landed at number 15 on Fortune’s list of the “Most Powerful Black Executives”