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Up Front May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

“Hello, may I speak with Alex?” And so started the conversation—and one of the most moving experiences I have had in years. I was phoning high school seniors as part of an early admissions calling campaign. The calls are made by University and alumni leadership prior to the admission letters as a way to personally welcome students to UCSD. When I told Alex he had been admitted, I first heard a loud yell followed by even louder ones in the background. This young man, a high-achieving student from modest means, exemplified the hope and promise that is the very soul of what UCSD stands for. The more I talked with Alex, the more I found myself immersed in his youthful yet relentless commitment to knowledge and his hopes for an opportunity to excel. He told me that UCSD has always been his #1 choice.  It made me proud to be an alumnus, and confident that public higher education should remain a moral imperative in our society.

Alex’s fire and aspirations live in every one of us. Our stories, whether as UCSD students or alumni, reflect a colorful canvas of promise, perseverance and prominence. In this special anniversary year, I have had the sincere privilege of meeting hundreds of alumni and hearing their stories. And as we prepare to celebrate Alumni Weekend in June, the pinnacle of our campus’s 50th Anniversary, I hope you will join in, and take relish in this world-class community of like-minded people. 

In four years, Alex will become a member of our alumni community. But on that day when we first spoke, he reminded me of the reason why we as alumni must invest in our students. Trust me, it is very easy to see ourselves in the faces of our future. And the reflection will thrill you.

Armin Afsahi, Revelle ’90, publisher

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Excuse this brief interruption while we take a moment to congratulate ourselves. The UCSD Alumni Association was recognized in three different categories by the Council for the Advance­ment and Support of Education (CASE) at the CASE District VII conference in San Francisco, in November.

The Association won three Awards of Excellence for its creative use of technology, new programs and general interest magazine. It received a gold medal award for its innovative “AlumnIdea” crowdsourcing microsite that allows alumni to give interactive feedback; a gold medal award for the “Discovery Ambassador Initiative,” a program that reconnects alumni with the University; and a silver medal award for the magazine, which we hope you are happily perusing.